Hair Spray 24

Hair Spray
I thought my days of​ buying hair spray were over . ​
It’s funny how something comes back when you​ thought it​ was long gone . ​
When I ​ was in​ high school,​ the​ hair bands were all the​ rage,​ and​ this meant that everyone had really big hair . ​
at​ the​ time,​ my hair was shorter than it​ is​ now,​ and​ I ​ had the​ front feathered back,​ as​ a​ lot of​ girls my age did . ​
This meant a​ daily routing of​ blow drying,​ hot curling irons,​ and​ tons of​ hair spray just to​ get out of​ the​ house . ​

After I ​ went to​ college,​ the​ ritual continued . ​
My dad called to​ thank me for​ going to​ college because there was no longer a​ lacquered layer of​ hair spray on​ his wall . ​
I ​ guess I ​ never realized that the​ stuff didn’t only go on​ my hair . ​
it​ also went all over everything behind me in​ the​ bathroom . ​
I ​ told him I’d come home for​ Christmas break and​ spray the​ bathroom for​ him,​ just for​ old times sake . ​

The first few months in​ college were a​ change for​ me,​ however,​ as​ most people experience this . ​
I ​ was introduced to​ a​ whole new style of​ music that instantly grabbed my attention . ​
I ​ was tired of​ the​ hair bands,​ and​ the​ image they produced . ​
I ​ never realized how inadequate I ​ felt watching the​ girls in​ all of​ those videos . ​
I ​ wanted something different,​ and​ I ​ found the​ music that was coming out of​ Seattle at​ the​ time as​ a​ refreshing change . ​
With this change came other changes . ​
I ​ no longer wanted big hair,​ and​ my hair spray was suddenly something that wasn’t being used as​ much . ​

I wanted to​ see what I ​ could do different with my hair . ​
I ​ have natural curls,​ so it​ takes a​ while for​ it​ to​ grow out . ​
it​ was as​ long as​ my shoulders,​ but I ​ wanted it​ to​ grow longer . ​
I ​ also started growing out my bangs . ​
Though I ​ had to​ use hair spray to​ keep it​ out of​ my eyes for​ a​ while,​ I ​ soon found that I ​ stopped using it​ all together . ​
for​ the​ health of​ my hair,​ I ​ also stopped blowdrying it​ every day,​ and​ tried to​ let my natural curls be,​ well,​ natural . ​
Besides,​ with curls like mine,​ they don’t need much help being big . ​
Now I ​ was trying to​ get them to​ lie down . ​

I thought my days of​ worrying about hair spray were over at​ this point,​ but now,​ ten years later,​ bottles of​ it​ are appearing in​ my house again . ​
My husband is​ in​ a​ band,​ and​ he needs his hair to​ stand up . ​
His weapons of​ choice are Aussie gel and​ hair spray . ​
I ​ laugh when I ​ look at​ the​ bottles of​ hair spray he has bought,​ and​ I ​ have prepared myself to​ do a​ lot of​ wall scrubbing . ​

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