Hair Restoration Surgery Costs

Hair Restoration Surgery Costs
You may be facing hair loss,​ and​ contemplating a​ follicular hair transplant . ​
However,​ just one factor is​ dragging you​ behind . ​
the​ hair restoration cost . ​

So is​ it​ expensive?
Well,​ you​ very much have the​ option to​ go for​ an​ affordable hair restoration . ​
and​ that too without compromising on​ the​ quality . ​
the​ cost depends on​ various factors like the​ clinic,​ its location,​ etc . ​

Hair restoration a​ costeffective method
Certainly nobody can call hair restoration to​ be a​ cheap process . ​
But on​ the​ flip side,​ it​ is​ certainly a​ costeffective process . ​
Why? Because,​ it​ offers you​ a​ permanent solution for​ your hair problem . ​

One might argue that medicinal treatment of​ hair loss is​ a​ cheaper option . ​
Yes,​ it​ is​ apparently so . ​
However,​ the​ picture will be different if​ you​ calculate the​ total amount of​ money spent on​ medicinal treatment and​ hair transplant procedure . ​
Why? Because you​ have to​ spend money on​ medicinal treatment for​ over a​ long period . ​

Factors affecting hair restoration cost
There are several factors that affect the​ surgery cost . ​
for​ example,​ the​ choice of​ the​ clinic . ​
There are some clinics that charge per graft implantation,​ while some others charge even for​ anesthesia . ​
Clinics follow two types of​ methods to​ measure the​ total cost of​ hair transplantation surgery cost per follicular unit transplanted and​ cost per hair restoration operation . ​
in​ the​ first approach the​ number of​ grafts can directly affect the​ surgery cost . ​
in​ this approach the​ more grafts used the​ more costly the​ operation is​ . ​
a​ number of​ US and​ Canadian hair transplantation centers offer costeffective surgery with cost per hair restoration surgery . ​

Factors behind cost differences
Some of​ the​ factors behind cost differences are as​ follows
> Reputation of​ the​ surgeon
> Heavy advertising budget of​ the​ clinic,​ as​ it​ will try to​ make it​ by charging you​ heavily
> Attractive surrounding of​ the​ clinic,​ as​ it​ needs money to​ spend on​ its maintenance
> If the​ clinic has a​ huge number of​ employees,​ as​ then the​ clinic needs more money to​ pay its employees
> If the​ hair restoration is​ not a​ standard one,​ but one for​ correcting burn injury,​ eyebrow transplantation,​ etc . ​

Is there insurance cover for​ hair restoration cost?
In general hair restoration cost is​ not covered by insurance,​ as​ it​ is​ a​ cosmetic surgery . ​
However,​ the​ operation is​ considered a​ reconstructive treatment in​ case it​ is​ necessitated by some accident or​ burn . ​
in​ that case it​ comes under the​ purview of​ health insurance . ​

You are better advised to​ check with your insurance agent about availability and​ extent of​ the​ insurance coverage . ​

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