Hair Removal Which Method Is Best

Hair Removal Which Method is​ Best?
If youre bothered by unsightly hair,​ youll find many hair removal methods available . ​
Your task is​ to​ select the​ right one . ​

Before making a​ decision,​ youll need to​ a​ research the​ treatment options available,​ and​ b answer a​ few questions about yourself . ​

Which Area Do you​ Want to​ Treat?
The area of​ the​ body you​ want hairfree will determine the​ method of​ hair removal you​ select . ​
is​ the​ unwanted hair on​ your face or​ elsewhere? Youll need to​ narrow it​ down even more . ​
Do you​ want hair removed from your arms,​ legs,​ eyebrows,​ back,​ chest,​ pubic area,​ knuckles or​ where?
When youre clear about which precise area of​ the​ body you​ want to​ focus on,​ next youll need to​ determine whether your hair problem is​ hereditary . ​
Some people are simply more prone to​ growing darker,​ coarser hair . ​
if​ thats in​ your genetic makeup,​ no amount of​ treatment is​ going to​ completely solve your situation . ​
you​ will have to​ settle for​ improvement rather than cure . ​

How Much Can you​ Afford to​ Spend?
The next step is​ to​ determine your budget . ​
Its important to​ be clear on​ the​ available money,​ because that will eliminate some methods . ​
Also,​ be aware that most methods will require multiple treatments at​ various intervals . ​
Costs for​ hair removal treatments can range from a​ few dollars a​ month to​ several thousand dollars per treatment . ​
on​ average 5 or​ more treatments are required to​ do the​ job . ​
Your goal is​ to​ face up to​ whether you​ can afford it,​ and,​ if​ so,​ whether it​ will be the​ best use of​ your money . ​

How Much Pain Can you​ Tolerate?
The next cut on​ which method to​ choose is​ to​ assess your level of​ pain tolerance . ​
Seriously . ​
Your selection of​ hair removal methods will depend in​ part on​ how much pain you​ can handle . ​
a​ number of​ hair removal methods are uncomfortable to​ painful . ​
Although the​ pain is​ temporary,​ only you​ can judge your ability to​ tolerate it . ​
Waxing and​ electrolysis are considered the​ most painful,​ so if​ you​ cant tolerate pain,​ these methods will not do . ​

Hair Removal Temporary or​ Permanent?
You still have 1 more decision to​ make do you​ want a​ permanent or​ a​ temporary hair removal method? Be aware that most methods are,​ unfortunately,​ temporary . ​

To permanently stop hair growth you​ must damage the​ hair germination structure within the​ hair follicle . ​
to​ date,​ electrolysis is​ the​ only method that has been proven to​ achieve this goal . ​
Laser therapy comes close,​ but more experimentation is​ needed for​ conclusive proof . ​

These 2 semipermanent methods are the​ most expensive of​ all the​ options,​ so your budget may make this decision for​ you​ . ​
a​ temporary method may be your only option . ​

Last,​ but certainly not least,​ its very important that you​ make sure youre undergoing the​ hair removal process because you​ want to​ . ​
Its not wise to​ let somebody else pressure you​ into this . ​

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