Hair Removal Permanent Or Temporary

Hair Removal Permanent or​ Temporary?
Unwanted hair is​ no fun,​ and​ it’s not as​ easy to​ remove as​ you​ would like it​ to​ be . ​
Yet,​ there are solutions to​ your unwanted hair . ​
Removal can be one of​ two types . ​
First of​ all,​ it​ can be simply temporary,​ such as​ shaving the​ hair away . ​
Or,​ it​ can be made to​ be permanent . ​

Why Remove Hair?
Why should you​ bother with having costly procedures done to​ remove hair? There are many reasons . ​
for​ example,​ many athletes have hair removed so that they can shave seconds off of​ their times . ​
Or,​ many fashion conscious people want eyebrow,​ leg,​ arm and​ private areas hair free to​ stay with the​ current style . ​
Some men enjoy having their hair styled into a​ specific fashion statement such as​ a​ moustache or​ goatee . ​
Sometimes,​ individuals need to​ have it​ removed for​ medical reasons . ​
Still,​ others just want it​ gone . ​

Why Permanent?
For many individuals the​ best way to​ get hair gone is​ through investing in​ permanent solutions . ​
You’ll likely need to​ see a​ licensed Esthetician for​ this procedure and​ it​ will cost you​ . ​
But,​ if​ you​ get it​ done,​ and​ it​ is​ done significantly,​ you​ will not need to​ keep worrying about the​ hair . ​

What Permanent Options Are There?
There are many . ​
Here are some of​ the​ many that you​ can choose from . ​

Laser treatments these are by far becoming some of​ the​ most popular . ​
the​ process,​ which is​ FDA approved,​ actually uses a​ small laser to​ destroy the​ hair follicles . ​
it​ takes seconds to​ do . ​
But,​ many individuals can not have this procedure as​ you​ will need the​ right colored skin/hair for​ it . ​
the​ procedure is​ expensive,​ up to​ $3,​000 per procedure in​ which you​ may need more than one treatment . ​
Experience is​ helpful in​ having a​ good experience the​ first time . ​

Electrolysis This is​ another option for​ permanency . ​
in​ this procedure,​ a​ probe is​ placed into each follicle yes,​ it​ takes a​ long time for​ large areas! and​ will then use an​ electric charge to​ destroy the​ follicle . ​
it​ is​ painful to​ an​ extent,​ and​ you​ will likely need more than one treatment . ​
Again,​ it​ can cost up to​ $3,​000 for​ this procedure . ​

Photo epilation or​ pulsed laser treatments These are much like the​ laser treatments in​ that they use pulsed light to​ work at​ destroying the​ follicles and​ it​ can be very effective for​ under arm hair as​ well as​ that of​ the​ bikini area . ​
There are few limitations here,​ and​ it​ will cost you​ slightly less at​ about $2,​000 per treatment . ​

There are many temporary methods for​ hair removal . ​
you​ can use processes like shaving and​ waxing to​ help remove hair . ​
you​ can use creams as​ well as​ plucking . ​
Temporary or​ not,​ these are less expensive and​ often less painful methods of​ hair removal . ​

Which solution is​ for​ you? Base your decision on​ your budget and​ your preferences . ​
Talk to​ your local dermatologist for​ recommendations . ​
Whatever you​ do,​ get rid of​ the​ hair!

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