Hair Removal Options Thermolysis Electrolysis Or Blend

Hair Removal Options Thermolysis Electrolysis Or Blend

Hair Removal Options Thermolysis,​ Electrolysis or​ Blend?
You would like to​ have permanent hair removal . ​
Who wouldn’t? But,​ there are several methods that you​ can go about getting it,​ for​ the​ most part . ​
While no method can guarantee 100% effectiveness,​ most of​ them can do a​ good deal to​ help you​ . ​
When it​ comes to​ choosing,​ you’ll need to​ examine your budget,​ your need for​ pain as​ well as​ your research facts . ​
Here are some of​ your options specifically electrolysis,​ thermolysis or​ a​ blend . ​

In this permanent hair removal technique,​ the​ hair is​ removed directly from the​ hair follicle . ​
And,​ in​ this method,​ the​ follicle is​ destroyed so that the​ hair can not regrow . ​
a​ probe is​ used and​ inserted in​ each and​ every follicle . ​
the​ probe uses electrical current to​ cause a​ chemical reaction which will then loosen the​ hair so it​ can be removed . ​
in​ fact,​ it​ causes a​ chemical reaction that will change the​ follicle to​ lye,​ a​ product that will damage it​ enough to​ cause permanent hair removal . ​
But,​ the​ process takes quite a​ bit of​ time since each follicle has to​ be dealt with individually . ​
This makes it​ very expensive too . ​
in​ some cases,​ you’ll need more than one treatment . ​

Option Two Thermolysis
Here,​ you​ get the​ same basic steps but the​ difference is​ heat . ​
the​ process creates heat which will then destroy the​ follicle . ​
This of​ course stops the​ growth of​ hair . ​
But,​ if​ this procedure is​ done wrong,​ you​ can experience more than just the​ pain you’ll get from either of​ these treatments,​ but also scarring and​ burning . ​
Although it​ is​ faster,​ thermolysis is​ not as​ effective . ​

Combine Them the​ Blend
Growing in​ popularity is​ the​ blend method of​ hair removal . ​
Here,​ the​ hair is​ removed through a​ quick version of​ electrolysis . ​
Heat is​ used,​ though,​ which means that while the​ lye is​ produced and​ destroys the​ follicle,​ the​ heat makes it​ happen faster . ​
And,​ what makes it​ even more attractive is​ the​ fact that it​ basically works on​ all types of​ hair . ​
the​ blend method is​ faster,​ but still costly and​ painful . ​

Which to​ Choose?
It is​ up to​ you​ which method you​ use for​ your permanent hair removal . ​
Make sure to​ visit a​ skilled professional to​ do it​ so that you​ get a​ sterilized location with an​ individual who knows what they are doing as​ this can make all of​ the​ difference . ​
you​ lower your risks and​ get a​ better result when you​ go with experience . ​

Hair Removal Options Thermolysis Electrolysis Or Blend

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