Hair Removal The Good News

Hair Removal the​ Good News
If youre 1 of​ the​ millions of​ people who have hair growing where you​ Don't want it,​ todays good news is,​ you​ have a​ wide range of​ effective hair removal options available to​ you​ . ​

Reasons for​ Hair Removal
Peoples reasons for​ wanting hair removed run the​ gamut from medical necessity to​ just because I ​ feel like it . ​
Many women include hair removal as​ part of​ their normal cosmetic routine . ​
They shave their legs and​ underarms,​ pluck their eyebrows,​ and​ have pubic hair trimmed or​ removed to​ accommodate todays fashions . ​

Most men shave their facial hair,​ and​ men sometimes shave their body hair for​ cosmetic purposes,​ as​ well . ​
to​ enhance their performance,​ their appearance,​ or​ both,​ many athletes particularly swimmers and​ body builders will undergo hair removal procedures . ​

Some people with hair growth disorders like hypertrichosis or​ hirsutism use hair removal procedures for​ medical reasons . ​

Temporary or​ Permanent Removal
Hair removal procedures can be separated into 2 categories temporary and​ permanent . ​

Temporary techniques work only for​ short periods of​ time,​ and​ are subject to​ the​ bodys normal hair growth cycle . ​
They include shaving,​ plucking,​ waxing,​ and​ a​ wide selection of​ creams . ​
Most people use temporary hair removal procedures at​ home,​ but they can also be obtained in​ a​ spa or​ salon . ​

Permanent Hair Removal Techniques
The Permanent procedures outlined below seek to​ remove unwanted hair in​ such a​ way that it​ returns never or,​ at​ worst,​ over a​ long time period . ​
These hair removal methods are normally performed by licensed hair removal specialists . ​

With electrolysis each hair follicle is​ treated individually . ​
a​ licensed specialist injects a​ needle into the​ hair follicle and​ induces an​ electric charge that destroys the​ follicles ability to​ produce hair . ​
This process can take months,​ depending upon the​ size of​ the​ area being treated . ​
This is​ a​ somewhat painful process,​ and​ side effects can include scarring and​ infection . ​
Costs for​ electrolysis can run as​ high as​ $3,​000 for​ the​ pubic area or​ legs . ​

The laser hair removal process uses a​ small laser beam to​ destroy the​ hair follicles . ​
This is​ a​ relatively painless method that works best on​ people with lightcolored skin and​ dark hair . ​
it​ is​ not recommended for​ anyone who is​ deeply tanned . ​
it​ costs about $1,​000 for​ removal of​ facial hair,​ and​ anywhere from $2,​000 to​ $3,​000 for​ removal of​ hair from the​ legs and​ pubic area . ​
Laser hair removal is​ an​ FDAapproved process,​ to​ be performed only by a​ licensed and​ trained professional . ​

Photo Epilation/Pulsed Laser
This FDAapproved procedure uses a​ pulsed light beam to​ destroy the​ hair follicles . ​
Photo Epilation/Pulsed Laser is​ especially effective for​ removing hair from sensitive areas,​ such as​ the​ underarms and​ the​ bikini area . ​
Unlike laser hair removal,​ this method has no restrictions regarding hair color,​ skin color,​ or​ tanning . ​
Depending on​ the​ area of​ the​ body to​ be treated,​ costs can run from $500 to​ $2,​000 and​ up . ​

Removal of​ unwanted hair,​ for​ any reason whatsoever,​ is​ easier and​ more available today than ever before . ​

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