Hair Removal Cream

Do you​ ever find yourself judging current products that are on​ the​ market based on​ experiences that you​ had with them in​ the​ past? I​ know for​ myself if​ I​ have had a​ bad experience with a​ product I​ most likely will not try it​ again even if​ friends tell me that it​ has been improved .​
This can be a​ bad thing however I​ do not like to​ waste money on​ a​ product that I​ think will not perform well.
My daughter convinced me to​ take a​ risk with a​ product that I​ had sworn I​ would never use again .​
When I​ was in​ high school there was a​ very popular television commercial for​ a​ hair removal cream .​
I​ loved the​ commercial and decided that I​ would try the​ product .​
My mother did not think that a​ hair removal cream was a​ good idea so she would not buy it​ for​ me .​
When I​ was a​ child I​ was given a​ generous allowance for​ cleaning the​ house and starting supper in​ the​ evenings when I​ returned home from school .​
The allowance was to​ be used for​ school events,​ movies and other activities that I​ wanted to​ go on​ .​
I​ could also buy things with it; however my parents paid for​ most of​ my clothing and hygiene products .​
I​ used my allowance money to​ by the​ hair removal cream .​
It was summer time and I​ was going to​ a​ pool party at​ a​ neighbor’s house so I​ wanted nice smooth legs .​
My mother knew I​ had bought the​ cream .​
Her only comment was to​ make sure that I​ followed the​ directions .​
I​ was in​ a​ hurry so I​ only glanced at​ the​ part of​ the​ directions that said how long to​ keep the​ product on​ .​
The product had a​ very strong chemical odor .​
I​ put it​ on​ my legs and then looked around for​ my swimsuit and did some other things .​
I​ left the​ product on​ longer than I​ was supposed to,​ but I​ did not think this was any big deal .​
I​ wiped it​ off quickly and went to​ the​ neighbor’s house .​
My friends were lying in​ the​ sun so I​ sat in​ the​ sun by them and we​ started talking .​
I​ sat in​ the​ sun for​ over a​ half hour when one of​ my friends asked me what was wrong with my legs .​
They were covered in​ rash .​
I​ went home and took a​ shower,​ but the​ rash lasted for​ three days .​
It was painful and because of​ being self conscious about the​ rash I​ wore long pants during very hot weather so a​ beach party .​
My mother looked on​ the​ bottle of​ the​ hair removal product and it​ said not to​ go out into the​ sun for​ three hours after applying it .​
It also said to​ wash it​ off with plenty of​ soap and water .​
I​ did not.
That was the​ only time I​ used the​ product .​
My daughter was telling me about using a​ similar product and how great her legs felt and that she did not have to​ shave for​ two weeks .​
I​ tried the​ product again and found that it​ did work very well.

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