Hair Removal By Waxing

Hair Removal By Waxing

Hair Removal By Waxing
The dictionary defines waxing as​ a​ temporary method of​ hair removal which removes the​ hair at​ the​ root . ​
New hairs do not grow back in​ the​ waxed area for​ three to​ eight weeks . ​
Almost any area of​ the​ body can be waxed,​ including eyebrows,​ face,​ bikini area,​ legs,​ arms,​ back,​ abdomen and​ feet . ​
But Don't be fooled into thinking that waxing is​ for​ women only . ​
Todays fashion trends have men waxing their bodies for​ cosmetic reasons,​ and​ many athletes such as​ bodybuilders and​ swimmers have been waxing for​ years . ​

Most waxes are comprised of​ some proportional mixture of​ paraffin or​ beeswax,​ natural oils or​ fats,​ and​ a​ specially designed resin to​ help the​ wax adhere to​ the​ skin . ​
Some brands of​ wax add Vitamin E or​ other supplements . ​
if​ you​ think that you​ might want to​ try waxing,​ the​ first step,​ whether you​ are a​ male or​ female,​ is​ to​ decide if​ you​ want to​ use the​ hot or​ cold wax technique . ​

The hot wax method involves heating the​ wax to​ a​ comfortable temperature . ​
a​ thin layer of​ wax is​ spread onto the​ area to​ be treated in​ the​ direction of​ the​ hair growth . ​
Once the​ wax is​ cooled it​ is​ quickly torn off,​ in​ the​ opposite direction of​ the​ hair growth,​ and​ the​ hair is​ removed with it . ​
With the​ cold wax process,​ strips of​ cloth are precoated with wax . ​
you​ apply the​ strips to​ the​ area to​ be treated,​ rub the​ strips in​ the​ direction of​ hair growth,​ and​ then pull the​ strips off quickly in​ the​ opposite direction . ​
Although hot waxing techniques are a​ bit more messy than cold wax ones,​ many people find that the​ hot wax gives better results . ​

You can apply a​ nonperfumed moisturizer to​ the​ treated area if​ you​ want to​ . ​
Moisturizers that are fortified with Vitamin B and/or Aloe Vera are also good . ​

Always check to​ make sure that the​ hot wax is​ below scalding or​ burning temperature before applying . ​

Waxing is​ a​ great solution for​ the​ temporary removal of​ unwanted hair if​ youre tough enough to​ stand a​ little pain . ​

Hair Removal By Waxing

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