Hair Raising Stuff

Hair Raising Stuff

Hair Raising Stuff
Definately without a​ doubt it​ was a​ new image that was needed for​ my summer holiday . ​
I ​ was sick and​ tired of​ looking like the​ queen with the​ same hairstyle for​ as​ long as​ I ​ could remember . ​

Well that was all about to​ change as​ I ​ went on​ a​ rampage emptying every shop shelf of​ every glossy magazine that I ​ could find . ​
That evening all engagements were cancelled with Coroanation St,​ Emmerdale and​ Eastenders . ​
Sacrafices had to​ made as​ I ​ was on​ a​ mission to​ find the​ new me . ​

Settled down for​ the​ evening with every brochure and​ mag at​ my side,​ flicking through every page not leaving one unturned . ​
Surely there had to​ be a​ style in​ one of​ them that was going to​ help me in​ my quest in​ finding the​ new image that I ​ so badly craved . ​

A couple of​ hours of​ browsing had elapsed,​ and​ low and​ behold jumping out at​ me as​ plain as​ day,​ was the​ most wanting to​ die for​ hairstyle you​ ever did see . ​
This was it​ with out a​ doubt . ​
the​ style that I ​ knew was going to​ give me a​ new lease of​ life . ​

After a​ visit to​ the​ shops,​ armed with hair colouring lotions conditioners scissors etc . ​
I ​ raced up the​ stairs to​ the​ bathroom missing every other step,​ I ​ was so excited,​ Why would I ​ not be excited? tomorrow I ​ was to​ be a​ different person . ​
No animosty spared between the​ old image in​ the​ mirror as​ I ​ said my goodbyes
Smelling like a​ peroxide skunk I ​ carried on​ following the​ instructions on​ the​ box . ​
No matter how sweet scented that sachet of​ conditioner was it​ was not powerful enough to​ rid the​ odour that lingered all around . ​
it​ was all going to​ be worthwhile I ​ said to​ myself glancing down for​ about the​ hundredth time at​ the​ picture in​ the​ mag . ​

Forty minutes was up and​ it​ was now time to​ rinse dry and​ style . ​

Enter the​ blonde bombshell
Staring down at​ the​ photo in​ the​ magazine and​ back to​ my reflection in​ the​ mirror,​ something was wrong . ​

Two styles couldnt be any more different . ​

I followed the​ instructions as​ prompted,​ where have I ​ gone wrong I ​ yelled out loud . ​

I will tell you​ came a​ voice from the​ other side of​ the​ bathroom door . ​
it​ was my husband who on​ hearing all the​ fuss decided to​ check out what was going on​ . ​
Let me tell you​ what is​ going on​ I ​ screamed back at​ him . ​

Explaining about how I ​ felt about myself I ​ handed him the​ magazine with the​ picture of​ this fabulous hairstyle on​ this beautiful model . ​
He looked for​ a​ long while at​ the​ photo and​ then back at​ me,​ repeating this motion many times . ​

Darling I ​ do not want to​ upset you​ he replied,​ but the​ reason that you​ will never have that look is​ because you​ do not have that face . ​

So why not make do with what God gave you​ . ​
I ​ have made do with what god gave you​ for​ 34 years and​ I ​ still like what I ​ see . ​

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