Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Hair Loss Treatments For Men

Hair Loss Treatments for​ men
Hair Loss in​ Men
With hair loss in​ men,​ hair at​ the​ temples recedes and​ the​ crown can also begin to​ thin . ​

Eventually a​ horse shoe pattern around the​ sides of​ the​ head appears . ​

The main signs of​ hair loss in​ men
1 . ​
Receding hairline
2 . ​
Moderate to​ extensive hair loss,​ particularly on​ the​ crown of​ the​ head . ​

About ninetyfive percent of​ hair loss in​ men is​ attributable to​ Androgenic Alopecia also know as​ male pattern baldness . ​

Some believe this condition includes three factors
1 age 2 heredity 3 the​ male hormone testosterone
As hair loss in​ men progresses,​ the​ hair becomes finer,​ does not grow so long and​ the​ bald spot at​ the​ crown widens . ​

Finally,​ the​ thinning crown and​ the​ receding points may meet forming a​ horseshoe pattern with hair around the​ sides of​ the​ head . ​

Hair loss in​ men can begin as​ early as​ 20 although for​ the​ majority of​ men,​ hair loss is​ more noticeable from the​ age of​ 35 to​ 40 . ​

DHT Dihydrotestosterone is​ recognized as​ a​ main culprit . ​
DHT is​ a​ combination of​ testosterone and​ androgen receptors mixed with sebum and​ dirt particles . ​
Some hair follicles are particularly sensitive to​ DHT and​ tend to​ shrink when exposed to​ it . ​
Finally the​ hair follicle may shut down altogether and​ the​ hair falls out . ​

Another condition is​ called Alopecia Areata,​ in​ which hair comes out by the​ roots in​ one or​ more spots . ​
it​ is​ much less common than Androgenic Alopecia . ​

Other causes of​ hair loss in​ men can include scalp infections,​ nutritional deficiency,​ systemic illness,​ and​ severe stress . ​

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