Hair Loss Of The Bariatric Or Gastric Bypass Patient

Hair Loss Of The Bariatric Or Gastric Bypass Patient


You are most-likely aware that having Bariatric or​ Gastric Bypass surgery DOES cause you​ to​ experience “some” type of​ hair loss as​ you​ lose the​ weight so rapidly. You’ve heard the​ rumors,​ and they are TRUE to​ the​ point that you​ WILL LOSE some hair… but you​ will not be bald in​ the​ least! in​ all of​ my years attending a​ support group,​ NEVER have I seen one bald person yet! So rest assured that although you​ DO lose “some” hair,​ it​ won’t be all.

Let’s simplify this topic by putting it​ in​ a​ question/answer format:

Q: Why do we​ lose some hair?
A: as​ a​ pre-op person,​ you​ used to​ consume between 3,​000 to​ 5,​000 calories a​ day. But once you​ have the​ surgery,​ your caloric intake is​ drastically reduced to​ a​ mere 300-600 calories a​ day. This puts the​ body in​ an​ “emergency” mode as​ it​ thinks something is​ terribly wrong,​ and it​ begins to​ focus ONLY on​ supporting the​ vital organs that will sustain life. Hair has never been under the​ category of​ a​ “life-sustaining” organ; therefore,​ the​ body puts the​ hair on​ the​ back-burner until it​ is​ sure that the​ body is​ going to​ be okay enough to​ again send nutrients to​ the​ hair.

Q: When does hair loss begin?
A: it​ normally will begin anywhere from one month after surgery and last until about 6 months after surgery. of​ course,​ this can begin during the​ third month or​ even extend beyond the​ sixth month. it​ varies from person to​ person.

Q: How much hair is​ lost?
A: Some will jokingly tell you​ that they could build a​ cat out of​ all the​ hair they lost,​ but that is​ not true. While you​ will notice some handfuls come out as​ you​ wash your hair in​ the​ shower,​ see more than normal in​ your comb or​ hairbrush,​ and perhaps even see some on​ your pillow when you​ wake up in​ the​ morning -- this is​ nothing to​ be alarmed over. it​ WILL STOP FALLING OUT once the​ body begins to​ feel that life is​ “normal” and it​ will trust that it’s okay to​ send nutrients to​ the​ hair again. Be patient and know that it​ DOES STOP in​ time.

There ARE some TIPS that will help you​ NOT experience so much hair loss,​ however…..

DO NOT wear a​ hat,​ scarf,​ head bands,​ tight barrettes,​ ponytail holders or​ anything similar that will pull or​ tug on​ the​ follicles of​ your hair. Pulling and pushing on​ the​ hair weakens it​ when it​ is​ already eager to​ fall out. Avoid these items for​ at​ least the​ first six months after surgery.

DO NOT stress the​ hair with hot treatments such as​ hairdryers,​ curling irons,​ or​ hot rollers. Stand in​ front of​ a​ fan to​ dry your hair in​ a​ hurry and use good hair jells to​ create some curl if​ you​ want. Sprays are okay too. Even hair color is​ okay if​ you​ do it​ sparingly rather than the​ standard automatic every 6 weeks. Try to​ go 8 weeks in​ between hair coloring. Perms are a​ bit more stressful,​ though some have had success doing them. You’ll have to​ judge this for​ yourself as​ you​ evaluate this for​ yourself. you​ can always be confident in​ asking your hairdresser about it​ if​ you​ are not sure.

DO TRY a​ new hair style. as​ heavy people,​ we​ often relied on​ our hair’s BEST looks to​ draw attention away from our extra pounds. But as​ you​ are losing,​ people aren’t noticing your hair anymore… they are noticing the​ pounds falling off,​ which is​ a​ perfect time for​ you​ to​ consider totally changing your hair style if​ it​ will help you​ manage it​ better and also keep more of​ it​ on​ your head. Long hair is​ a​ heaviness on​ the​ head,​ which does stress and pull at​ the​ hair follicles. So perhaps a​ shorter style would help your delicate hair stay on​ the​ head. Just as​ your body is​ experiencing a​ “makeover”,​ why not consider your hairstyle as​ well…. Especially if​ it​ will help you​ KEEP more hair?

DO TRY a​ product called NIOXIN that you​ can purchase from your beauty salon. It’s a​ three-step process of​ a​ product that helps cancer patients keep more of​ their hair as​ it​ falls out. it​ strengthens the​ follicles. I personally used this product,​ and I fully believe it​ helped more of​ my hair stay attached than what might have happened had I not used it. I noticed a​ remarkable difference when I used this product. And I can tell you​ that others also have similar testimonials on​ this product.

DO TRY to​ remember that your hair is​ only falling out temporarily and it​ will soon STOP and STAY on​ again! Some people have experienced that their hair soon becomes healthier than they’ve ever had before! Sometimes the​ texture even changes…. Sounds FUN,​ huh? it​ can be!

BOTTOM LINE: Have a​ GOOD ATTITUDE about your hair… take care of​ it,​ baby it,​ and you’ll find that you’ll be out of​ that FALLING OUT Zone shortly! Today’s hairstyles ARE more relaxed,​ and with the​ right cut,​ you’ll look just as​ glamorous as​ a​ celebrity! Don’t despair…. Just know that we’re NOT a​ group of​ baldies!!!

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