Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss In Women

Hair Loss in​ Women
Causes of​ Hair Loss in​ Women
In the​ past few decades,​ hair loss in​ women has become a​ growing problem . ​
More and​ more women are complaining of​ thinning hair . ​
There are a​ number of​ reasons for​ this hair loss . ​
Most often it​ is​ because of​ a​ hormonal imbalance,​ other times,​ hair loss is​ an​ after effect of​ surgery or​ pregnancy . ​

Taking specific medications such as​ the​ birth control pill,​ blood thinners,​ or​ anti fungal medication can also cause hair loss in​ women . ​
Women who have had chemotherapy treatment have also experienced hair loss . ​
and​ these are just a​ few of​ the​ many causes out there . ​

Diseases and​ Hair Loss in​ Women
There are also certain diseases that can cause hair loss in​ men and​ women . ​
One of​ the​ warning signs of​ diabetes is​ hair loss for​ example . ​
Specific tests need to​ be done to​ rule this or​ any other disease out as​ a​ cause of​ hair loss before you​ take any further action . ​

When is​ Hair Loss in​ Women Normal?
At any given point in​ time,​ hair experts predict that about seven to​ ten percent of​ a​ womans hair is​ in​ a​ resting period . ​
This resting period can last approximate two to​ three months . ​
When the​ resting period is​ done,​ the​ hair falls out . ​
New hair immediately starts to​ grow back,​ and​ could take up to​ 6 years to​ grow out . ​

Hair expert theorize that approximately ninety percent of​ all hair is​ growing at​ one time . ​
it​ is​ the​ normal to​ experience hair loss on​ a​ daily basis . ​

Treat Your Hair With Care
The way hair is​ treated can affect hair loss . ​
When hair is​ always tied back,​ either in​ pigtails or​ ponytails,​ it​ can cause a​ condition called Alopecia . ​
This condition results in​ scarring on​ the​ scalp and​ new hair growth is​ prohibited . ​

Often,​ women will have their hair permed or​ colored,​ to​ make it​ look better,​ but this can damage the​ hair beyond repair and​ actually cause Alopecia as​ well . ​

Can Doctor Help With Hair Loss in​ Women?
A medical doctor may be of​ assistance in​ the​ diagnosis of​ hair loss in​ women . ​
a​ doctor will perform an​ exam and​ ask a​ series of​ questions to​ help with the​ diagnosis . ​
it​ is​ important to​ answer all questions honestly . ​
if​ it​ is​ needed,​ a​ biopsy will be ordered to​ rule out any type of​ cancer . ​

Treatment Options for​ Hair Loss in​ Women
There are treatment options for​ hair loss . ​
it​ can be very simple . ​
if​ the​ hair loss is​ due to​ medication,​ then a​ different medication can be prescribed . ​
if​ the​ hair loss is​ due to​ infection or​ hormones,​ again medication can be prescribed . ​

In the​ past decade,​ hair loss ​Drug​s such as​ Rogaine have been developed for​ hair loss for​ women . ​
This medicine can be found in​ over the​ counter pharmacies everywhere . ​

There are special doctors who can offer hair transplants to​ women,​ however,​ it​ is​ quite expensive,​ and​ virtually all insurance companies deem this elective cosmetic surgery and​ do not cover it . ​

When All Else Fails
When all else fails,​ there are specialty shops that offer custom made wigs,​ weaves,​ and​ hairpieces to​ accommodate any woman who wishes to​ have luxurious hair . ​

Hair Loss In Women

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