Hair Loss The Causes And Misconception Of Male Pattern Baldness

Hair Loss The Causes And Misconception Of Male Pattern Baldness

There are roughly 80 million men and women in​ the​ world suffering from hair loss. in​ humans,​ it​ is​ caused by a​ number of​ different factors. Male pattern baldness is​ the​ most common form of​ hair loss and is​ estimated to​ affect 90 percent of​ men by age 50. That said,​ pattern baldness (or natural hair loss) isn’t specific to​ men; women suffer from female pattern baldness as​ well.

Male pattern baldness (clinically known as​ androgenetic alopecia) is​ the​ most common reason for​ hair loss. It’s related to​ Dihydrotestosterone (DHT),​ a​ naturally occurring hormone present in​ all men. DHT has a​ detrimental affect on​ the​ hair follicles. it​ slows down hair production and causes new hairs to​ be shorter and weaker than usual. the​ hormone can even completely stop hair growth,​ gradually depleting your stock of​ hair. There are a​ number of​ other reasons why people go bald,​ including other forms of​ alopecia,​ the​ treatment of​ terminal illnesses and diet,​ just to​ name a​ few. Surgical hair loss treatments like Bosley are most commonly used to​ regrow hair loss caused by male pattern baldness.

By default,​ men typically blame mom for​ hair loss,​ as​ it​ was widely understood that hair loss is​ simply inherited from their mother’s side. This is​ just one of​ a​ number of​ common hair loss misconceptions:

- Hair loss is​ inherited from your mother’s father — Not true. Baldness is​ inherited,​ but from both your mother's and father's genes.
- Hair loss slows and eventually stops as​ you​ age — Not true. Hair loss is​ a​ progressive trait that doesn't stop; in​ fact,​ it​ gets worse with age.
- Hats or​ helmets can cause hair loss — Not true. Wearing something on​ your head has no effect on​ hair loss. Although hairpieces and weaves that pull and strain your hair may cause traction alopecia.
- Brushing or​ massaging the​ scalp reduces hair loss — There isn't sufficient evidence to​ conclude that brushing or​ massaging the​ scalp prevents or​ reduces hair loss.
- Too much sun causes hair loss — Not true. Though excessive sun exposure is​ damaging to​ your hair,​ there isn’t evidence to​ conclude that it​ causes permanent hair loss.
As previously stated,​ there are various hair loss treatments,​ which have been proven to​ stop hair loss,​ and in​ some cases even regrow lost hair. of​ the​ non-surgical hair treatments,​ Propecia and Minoxidil seem to​ be effective with a​ significant number of​ people. New,​ alternative methods of​ laser treatments have also been developed. First,​ there was the​ LaserComb,​ which employs low-level laser light technology to​ coerce hair follicles to​ regenerate. the​ handheld device requires people to​ spend 20 minutes a​ day running the​ comb through their hair. Recently,​ the​ technology has been further developed,​ evolving into a​ more effective,​ less intensive treatment. in​ the​ new laser treatment,​ a​ laser light helmet is​ used to​ aim high concentrations of​ laser light at​ affected areas of​ the​ scalp.

If you,​ however,​ have already experienced significant male pattern baldness and are looking to​ naturally and permanently cover your bald spot,​ then hair restoration surgery might be your best bet.

Over the​ past century,​ hair restoration has become one of​ the​ most popular cosmetic surgeries among men and women alike. There’s a​ plethora of​ hair restoration surgeons in​ the​ United States,​ many of​ which provide their patients with stellar results.

Hair restoration surgery involves transplanting hair follicles from the​ donor areas of​ the​ head—typically the​ back and sides—to the​ bald or​ thinning areas. These are called grafts. Each graft can contain between 1 to​ 4 hairs. Because the​ donor hairs are from areas of​ the​ head that are not prone to​ balding,​ they are considered permanent when transplanted to​ balding areas,​ such as​ the​ scalp. the​ result is​ often a​ permanent,​ natural looking head of​ hair. follows real hair restoration patients as​ they restore their natural hairlines with Bosley procedures. Torrance and Seth are the​ Battle Against Bald’s Bosley patients and in​ addition to​ their weekly entries detailing the​ updates of​ their Bosley procedures,​ the​ blog provides a​ wealth of​ comprehensive information on​ hair loss,​ its causes and the​ methods used to​ combat it.

It has been nine months since Seth’s Bosley hair restoration and it’s official,​ he has more hair. Seth wanted to​ improve the​ appearance of​ his hair and restore a​ more youthful hairline,​ which he was able to​ achieve through just one Bosley procedure. Most hair restoration patients don’t start to​ see results until 3-5 months after the​ procedure. it​ has been four months since Torrance’s Bosley procedure and he’s beginning to​ see signs of​ hair after years of​ male pattern baldness.
Battle Against Bald is​ a​ blog that is​ sponsored by Bosley that speaks to​ those who are struggling with hair loss and are interested in​ hair restoration.

~Ben Anton,​ 2007

Hair Loss The Causes And Misconception Of Male Pattern Baldness

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