Hair Loss Best Solution

Hair Loss Best Solution
When addressing a​ problem,​ any problem,​ 50% of​ the​ solution is​ accurate diagnostic of​ what exactly is​ the​ problem . ​
Such accurate diagnostic of​ your boldness status will supply you​ with the​ tools to​ fight back,​ stop hair loss,​ and​ regain your thick hair . ​

Every hair follicle has life cycle of​ between two and​ six years,​ which ends with the​ hair falling and​ a​ new one replacing it . ​
90% of​ the​ hair is​ at​ the​ growing stage,​ ANAGEN,​ at​ this stage the​ hair grows about 0 . ​
3 mm everyday and​ it​ last three years . ​
the​ next stage is​ resting,​ KATAGEN,​ at​ this stage the​ hair does not grow and​ stay static for​ three weeks . ​
the​ last stage takes place when the​ hair falls,​ TELOGEN,​ it​ can take up to​ three months to​ the​ hair to​ fall . ​
Normally,​ at​ this stage new hair is​ growing . ​

The average person loses between 50 to​ 100 hairs daily . ​
the​ hair grows about one CM a​ month . ​
Blond people have more hairs,​ about 140,​000,​ in​ compare to​ darker hair people who have 90,​000 . ​
Old people tend to​ lose more hairs then growing them back . ​

Hair loss is​ usually diagnostic when large areas of​ the​ scalp are left with only thin hair . ​
Usually people notice hair loss when they comb,​ or​ at​ the​ shower . ​
the​ hair loss results from the​ pressure on​ the​ hairs during these activities,​ and​ not necessarily indicates that you​ have hair loss problem . ​
One way to​ test if​ we​ are losing our hair is​ to​ pull your hair if​ you​ end up with more than 45 hairs in​ your hand you​ might have a​ problem . ​
Another test is​ counting the​ hairs on​ your pillow in​ the​ morning . ​
More than 8 hairs are indication to​ serious hair loss . ​

Women and​ men lose hair differently . ​
Among men hair loss is​ usually related to​ hormones and​ genetics . ​
it​ is​ a​ hereditary phenomenon which could jump over generations . ​
While women,​ suffer from a​ larger variety of​ reasons . ​
Hereditary is​ the​ main reason,​ as​ with men,​ and​ more reasons like cold weather,​ high fever diseases,​ infective diseases,​ lack of​ protein,​ depression,​ high cholesterol,​ and​ more . ​

Hairs on​ the​ pillow are usually a​ result of​ hereditary,​ typical men oriented . ​
Another symptom,​ is​ losing hair from the​ forehead,​ AGA,​ the​ hair becomes downy and​ thin until it​ completely falls off . ​
According to​ popular estimations about 70% of​ men suffer from boldness by the​ age of​ fifty . ​
About 25% of​ women under forty suffer from hair loss,​ and​ 50% over fifty suffer from thin hair look . ​

Now you​ probably say OK we​ need help,​ where can we​ get it? Look for​ natural solutions . ​
Keep looking until you​ find the​ best one for​ you​ . ​
Do not stop looking for​ you​ will find a​ good solution eventually . ​

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