Hair Loss Are You Suffering From Alopecia Aerata

Hair Loss Are you​ Suffering From Alopecia Aerata?
Hair loss is​ a​ common problem . ​
But most of​ the​ people who suffer hair loss never understand why their hair is​ falling . ​
it​ is​ a​ mystery for​ most of​ us . ​
Because of​ not understanding,​ we​ try many therapies including different diets and​ natural formulations . ​
But most of​ the​ times,​ we​ find no improvement . ​
That is​ very disappointing and​ we​ accept the​ fact of​ hair loss and​ stop trying . ​
This need not be done . ​
Once we​ understand all the​ possible reasons of​ hair loss,​ we​ can surely find out what is​ happening to​ us and​ take an​ informed decision . ​
Alopecia aerata is​ one of​ common causes of​ hair loss . ​
Let us find out about that . ​

Hair loss what is​ alopecia aerata?
Alopecia aerata is​ an​ autoimmune disease . ​
in​ this disease the​ body attacks the​ hair follicles and​ kills them . ​
the​ body begins to​ think that hair follicles are foreign objects and​ wants to​ remove them . ​
Why it​ does that is​ a​ mystery . ​

Hair loss pattern in​ alopecia aerata
You may begin losing hair in​ coin size patches . ​
Sometimes the​ loss will stop after a​ patch or​ two and​ regrow there after some months . ​
Sometimes the​ loss continues and​ you​ may lose all the​ hair . ​
This hair may come back after some months . ​
No body can predict about how you​ will lose hair and​ when you​ will get it​ again . ​
if​ you​ have a​ family member who suffers from a​ autoimmune disease such as​ Atopic dermatitis,​ hay fever etc . ​
your probability of​ getting alopecia aerata increases . ​
There is​ no way to​ stop this hair loss . ​
Only treatment can be done to​ get the​ hair back sooner . ​

This article is​ only for​ informative purposes . ​
This article is​ not intended to​ be a​ medical advise and​ it​ is​ not a​ substitute for​ professional medical advice . ​
Please consult your doctor for​ your medical concerns . ​
Please follow any tip given in​ this article only after consulting your doctor . ​
the​ author is​ not liable for​ any outcome or​ damage resulting from information obtained from this article . ​

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