Hair Every Womans Crowning Glory

Hair Every Womans Crowning Glory

Hair Every Womans Crowning Glory
Hair is​ often referred to​ as​ a​ womans crowning glory . ​
Aside from a​ womans face,​ her hair is​ the​ most visible part of​ her body . ​
No wonder,​ most women make such a​ big fuss over their hair . ​
While going completely bald is​ already socially accepted even among women,​ there was once a​ time when women had to​ grow long hair . ​
Almost like their very own pet,​ women take care of​ their hair with great care . ​
They spend enormous amounts of​ money and​ time just to​ retain the​ smoothness and​ shine of​ their hair,​ which can be straight,​ wavy,​ long,​ or​ short . ​

As part of​ the​ hair care regimen,​ most women place considerable attention to​ choosing their shampoo and​ conditioner . ​
There are now different shampoo formulas and​ conditioners for​ all hair types . ​
There are products that were specifically prepared for​ oily hair,​ dry hair,​ damaged hair,​ and​ normal hair . ​
There are also antidandruff shampoos,​ baby shampoos,​ and​ a​ host of​ other hair products that are used to​ moisturize,​ smoothen,​ and​ strengthen hair . ​

Surely,​ there is​ more to​ hair that just the​ shiny images that we​ see in​ t . ​
v . ​
commercials . ​
Hair is​ defined as​ a​ filamentous outgrowth of​ protein . ​
the​ hair follicles grow out from the​ epidermis but the​ roots are planted deep in​ the​ dermis . ​
Hair comes in​ different colors,​ contour,​ and​ diameter . ​

In society,​ hair is​ very important because it​ somehow denotes a​ persons health,​ age,​ virility,​ and​ social status . ​
Throughout the​ ages,​ it​ has played an​ important role in​ the​ lives of​ people from the​ lowly peasant,​ to​ the​ middle class,​ to​ the​ men and​ women of​ royalty . ​
During the​ premodern era,​ each social class had its own particular hairstyle . ​
Ones hairstyle can lead to​ rejection or​ acceptance in​ certain groups or​ social classes . ​
it​ can enhance a​ persons appearance,​ selfconfidence,​ and​ even contribute to​ career advancement . ​

Given the​ weight of​ importance on​ hair,​ many people have developed a​ fear of​ losing hair . ​
Unfortunately,​ losing hair is​ but a​ natural human process much like the​ falling of​ tree leaves . ​
Hair loss that involves the​ shedding of​ at​ least 100 strands a​ day may be considered a​ serious hair problem . ​
Losing about 50 hair strands a​ day,​ however,​ is​ quite normal . ​
Thinning of​ hair may lead a​ patch or​ bald spot on​ the​ scalp . ​
Normal hair grows in​ cycles and​ consists of​ three stages growing,​ resting,​ and​ falling . ​

Hair loss,​ as​ a​ physical problem,​ has three general types,​ as​ indicated below,​
l Alopecia Areata This refers to​ a​ loss of​ hair that results in​ a​ patch or​ bald spot . ​

l Androgenetic Alopecia it​ is​ the​ most common cause of​ hair loss in​ both men and​ women . ​
it​ is​ caused by a​ combination of​ four factors age,​ testosterone,​ hormone levels,​ and​ heredity . ​

l Chronic Illness Iron deficiencies,​ thyroid diseases,​ connective tissue disease,​ and​ syphilis may cause hair loss . ​

l Telogen Effluvium This type of​ hair loss is​ caused by high fever,​ crash dieting,​ acute illness including physical and​ emotional stress . ​

l Scalp Diseases Fungal and​ bacterial infections also cause hair loss . ​

l ​Drug​s Certain anticancer and​ anticoagulant ​Drug​s can also cause hair loss . ​

l Excessive hairstyling Hairstyling like the​ pony tail or​ braiding can stretch the​ hair and​ pull them out from the​ follicles . ​

Loss of​ hair should not be seen as​ simply an​ aesthetic issue . ​
it​ could be the​ sign of​ a​ more serious illness . ​
it​ is​ wise to​ consult a​ doctor if​ you​ experience any of​ the​ following symptoms
l You are already losing hair rapidly even if​ you​ are only in​ your early twenties or​ in​ your teenage years . ​

l You are experiencing pain or​ intense itching . ​

l The skin on​ your scalp appears to​ be red or​ scaly . ​

l You are experiencing weight gain,​ fatigue,​ and​ intolerance for​ cold temperature . ​

The good news is​ that there are several hair loss treatments available in​ the​ market . ​
the​ key is​ to​ try to​ control your stress and​ anxiety over your hair loss . ​
With the​ variety of​ hair loss treatments and​ hair care products,​ no one should feel down about losing the​ crowning glory . ​

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