Hair Diseases Resulting Into Hair Loss

Hair diseases resulting into hair loss
Hair diseases and​ hair loss are interrelated . ​
One cannot be thought about without the​ other . ​

Common hair loss causes
No single factor can be marked out as​ the​ universal cause of​ hair diseases . ​
There are several causes varying from person to​ person . ​

The two types of​ hair loss diseases
The hair loss causes can be broadly divided into the​ following two groups
The temporary effect and​ the​ one involving a​ prolonged action,​ usually triggered by genetics . ​

a . ​
The temporary effect Usually such cases can be cured by medications and​ treatments . ​

b . ​
Prolonged hair loss diseases Such cases may require long term treatment . ​
Sometimes the​ ​Drug​ treatment might appear to​ be ineffective . ​
in​ such circumstances surgery like hair transplantation may be the​ way . ​

The causes of​ temporary hair loss include the​ ones like child birth,​ using birth control pills,​ etc . ​

Another key factor can be hormonal imbalance . ​
it​ can have a​ severe impact by causing pattern baldness . ​
the​ latter comes in​ the​ list of​ major hair diseases . ​

Relation between hair diseases and​ hair loss
It is​ sometimes found that a​ particular hair loss cause is​ more commonly related to​ a​ particular hair disease . ​
in​ this context one can refer to​ the​ acquired hair shaft defects . ​
These defects are usually triggered by the​ excessive use of​ hair treatments and​ styling products . ​

Similarly,​ infectious diseases have their root in​ unhygienic scalp . ​

The common causes of​ hair loss diseases
The common causes of​ hair loss diseases include the​ following
• Hormonal imbalance
• Ailment
• Faulty hair styling
• Inadequate diet
Hormonal Imbalance
in​ men Hormonal imbalance is​ a​ major cause of​ hair loss diseases among men . ​
the​ male hormone testosterone plays a​ key role in​ actuating hair loss . ​
the​ enzyme 5 alpha reductase in​ the​ hair follicles turns testosterone into dihydrotestosterone DHT . ​
the​ latter is​ the​ most potent androgen promoting male pattern baldness,​ the​ common hair loss disease . ​

In women Imbalance in​ thyroid hormone is​ a​ key cause of​ sudden hair loss among women . ​
the​ thyroid gland’s being n the​ state of​ overactive and​ under active might cause hair fall . ​
Thyroid hormones largely influence cellular metabolism of​ scalp proteins,​ carbohydrates,​ lipids and​ minerals . ​
and​ the​ hair matrix cells are highly affected by the​ thyroid hormones’ excess or​ deficiency . ​

Hormonal imbalance also causes hair loss during pregnancy . ​
Pregnancy witnesses a​ high level of​ estrogen hormones . ​
This causes hair follicles percentage in​ anagen growth phase . ​
But postchild birth there is​ a​ rapid fall in​ the​ estrogen level . ​
Consequently a​ large number of​ hair follicles shift to​ a​ catagen phase . ​
and​ gradually hair falls . ​

Women may also experience hair loss during postpregnancy period . ​
it​ is​ generally temporary in​ nature . ​
But if​ it​ continues for​ months,​ then it​ may indicate hormonal imbalance in​ the​ body . ​
and​ hormonal imbalance for​ an​ extended period requires proper treatment . ​

Some of​ the​ serous ailments like high fever,​ severe infection,​ or​ flu may lead hair follicles to​ a​ resting phase . ​
This condition called telogen effluvium results increased hair fall . ​
But it​ is​ a​ temporary condition soon to​ be followed by normalcy . ​

Some cancer treatments also prevent the​ hair fiber growth . ​
the​ hair becomes thin and​ breaks off . ​
and​ gradually hair loss occurs . ​
the​ condition starts within one to​ three weeks after the​ beginning of​ the​ chemotherapy treatment . ​
the​ treatment may witness the​ patients losing up to​ 90 percent of​ their scalp hair . ​

Faulty hair styling
It means using certain hair styling techniques resulting in​ hair loss diseases like traction alopecia . ​
in​ this condition the​ hair fibers are pulled out from the​ hair follicle by a​ hairstyle that pulls on​ the​ roots of​ the​ hair fibers . ​
One example of​ such faulty hair styling is​ braiding cornrowing . ​

Cosmetic treatments like bleaching,​ coloring or​ hair straightening like chemical relaxing can also create problems if​ proper procedure is​ not followed . ​

Inadequate diet
Taking up crash diets for​ rapid weight loss may lead to​ hair loss . ​
Such diets are low in​ protein,​ vitamins and​ minerals,​ thus causing malnutrition . ​
Abnormal eating habits lacking important nutrients can also result into hair loss . ​

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