Hair Care With Cosmetic Hair Treatments

Hair care with Cosmetic Hair Treatments
There are cosmetic treatments available for​ people with any kind of​ hair; be it​ curly,​ straight or​ frizzy. ​
You can change the​ style of​ your hair like never before with the​ help of​ hair cosmetics and ​ other hair care products. ​
Following are some hair care tips and ​ useful information while undergoing cosmetic hair treatments. ​

Permanent waving better known as​ perming,​ has been around for​ nearly one hundred years. ​
Since then perms have come a​ long way. ​
Nowadays there are treatments available to​ give you​ exactly the​ kind of​ wave you​ want. ​
Perms also add volume to​ fine,​ limphair. ​

Suitable candidates
Perms look great on​ people with thick hair. ​
Hair in​ good condition responds to​ a​ perm much better. ​
People who have bleached or​ colored their hair should stay away from perming. ​
The chemicals are too harsh for​ doubleprocessed or​ heavily highlighted hair.
Hair care tips before perming
Tell your stylist what type of​ curls you​ want and ​ also what you​ Don't want. ​
It’s a​ good idea if ​ you​ carry along the​ pictures of​ perms you​ would like to​ have and ​ the​ perms you​ dread. ​
Avoid conditioning your hair for​ at ​ least 24 hours before the​ perm; else you​ may not get the​ desired result.
The size of​ the​ curler determines the​ size of​ the​ curl. ​
a​ smaller curler would create a​ smaller and ​ tighter curl whereas medium to​ large curlers tend to​ give a​ more loose effect. ​
The end result also depends upon the​ texture and ​ type of​ hair. ​

It takes one to​ two hours to​ perm hair depending upon how long your hair is​ and ​ how efficient your stylist is. ​
After the​ treatment is​ done,​ it​ takes more than 24 hours for​ the​ keratin in​ the​ hair to​ fully harden. ​

Types of​ perms
1. Alkaline perms give a​ strong,​ firm curl and ​ have an active ingredient called ammonium thioglycolate.
2. On the​ other hand,​ acidbalanced perms are gentler and ​ have a​ significantly lower ph. ​
Acidbalanced perms are ideal for​ people who have fragile,​ sensitive or​ damagedhair. ​

Hair straightening
So you​ are tired of​ your naturally curly hair or​ frizzy locks and ​ want that poker straight hair? Then straightening is​ the​ solution for​ you. ​
Hair straightening should always be performed by a​ hair care professional with a​ good track record of​ straightening. ​

Various treatments
1. Permanent or​ chemical hair straightening should be carried out by a​ trained,​ experienced professional. ​
This chemical makes the​ sulfur bonds in​ hair to​ separate and ​ allows the​ hair to​ take a​ new shape. ​
Flattening or​ straightening irons are used to​ give a​ new shape to​ the​ hair.
2. The thermal reconditioning process invented in​ Japan has excited women all over the​ world. ​
it​ restructures the​ hair bonds in​ a​ way that it​ lends a​ straight and ​ glossy appearance to​ the​ hair. ​
After the​ chemical is​ applied to​ the​ hair,​ the​ professional stylist painstakingly irons the​ hair,​ almost strand by strand. ​
The hair is​ then rinsed and ​ blown dry. ​
People with colored hair are not suitable for​ this type of​ hair straightening process. ​
it​ is​ expensive and ​ can take hours to​ complete the​ process.
3. Ionic treatment is​ ideally suited for​ people with highlighted and ​ colored hair. ​
it​ leaves hair soft and ​ silky as​ ions used in​ the​ solution put moisture back into hair. ​
The treatment lasts about five hours.
4. Hair straightening irons have ceramiccoated plates that distribute heat evenly and ​ prevent any damage to​ the​ hair. ​
Straightening irons offer different heat settings to​ suit various hair types. ​

Precautions after undergoing treatment
1. After undergoing hair straightening treatment make sure to​ use a​ mild shampoo and ​ a​ deep conditioner so that the​ hair is​ well moisturized and ​ well protected.
2. Stay away from any heatstyling tools to​ prevent any damage to​ the​ hair.
3. Use a​ widetoothed comb for​ the​ hair after the​ straightening treatment. ​
a​ little care will go a​ long way in​ maintaining the​ straightened tresses.
Cosmetic hair treatment are made possible by cutting edge hair cosmetics and ​ other hair care products for​ hair styling

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