Hair Care Tips And More

Hair Care Tips And More

Hair care tips and​ more . ​
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An ideal woman is​ often pictured to​ be a​ person with a​ slender figure with long hair . ​
Hair has always been important for​ every woman because it​ somehow reflects their personality . ​
Having long shiny hair can seduce a​ man,​ it​ can land a​ woman in​ a​ shampoo commercial,​ or​ get compliments from others . ​
it​ can reflect a​ womans health and​ gives an​ impression that she is​ healthy,​ and​ that she is​ taking good care of​ herself . ​
of​ course,​ not all women would want long hair . ​
it​ depends on​ their character,​ the​ weather,​ their lifestyle,​ and​ so on​ . ​

Hair has its own life cycle,​ usually from two to​ six years of​ hair growth . ​
Each hair grows at​ least one centimeter per month . ​
Ninety percent of​ the​ hair on​ the​ scalp is​ growing at​ any given time,​ while the​ remaining ten is​ at​ its resting phase . ​
Specifically for​ women with long hair,​ it​ is​ considered normal for​ them to​ shed some hair as​ part of​ the​ cycle . ​
Not to​ worry,​ since it​ is​ normally replaced as​ it​ grows back in​ the​ same follicle on​ ones head . ​
Most people lose about fifty to​ a​ hundred of​ head hair strands a​ day . ​
if​ one is​ losing more than those mentioned,​ a​ particular health condition can be seen,​ which would be hair loss . ​

Also called alopecia,​ it​ is​ basically the​ excessive hair loss of​ one person . ​
This specific health condition may arise due to​ several causes . ​
From three or​ four months after an​ illness or​ a​ major surgery,​ the​ patient may suffer from hair loss . ​
This is​ usually temporary and​ is​ related to​ the​ stress of​ their particular illness . ​
Another cause could arise from hormonal problems,​ primarily from imbalanced male and​ female hormones androgens and​ estrogens . ​
Pregnancy can also cause hair loss,​ usually three months after the​ woman conceived her baby . ​
This is​ also related to​ the​ womans hormones,​ because during pregnancy,​ high levels of​ female hormones cause the​ body to​ keep hair that normally falls out . ​
When such hormones get back to​ prepregnancy stages,​ hair falls out and​ the​ hair cycle starts normally once again . ​
Certain medications can also cause hair loss,​ including blood thinners,​ gout medications,​ chemotherapy medications,​ birth control pills,​ and​ antidepressants . ​

Hair treatments,​ such as​ hair coloring,​ bleaching,​ straightening,​ perms,​ and​ certain hairstyles braids and​ cornrows can also contribute to​ a​ persons hair loss . ​
a​ condition called traction alopecia is​ present if​ a​ person ties or​ pulls her/his hair tightly that causes tension on​ the​ scalp . ​
This particular condition may be permanent if​ the​ hairstyle is​ worn for​ a​ long period of​ time,​ long enough to​ damage the​ persons hair follicles . ​

Hair care is​ important to​ avoid these hair conditions . ​
By eating a​ well balanced diet,​ hair is​ given its full health benefits . ​
Washing hair gently with shampoo once a​ day,​ lathering gently,​ and​ not rubbing the​ hair too much on​ the​ towel to​ dry proves effective in​ taking care of​ ones crowning glory . ​
Avoid the​ use of​ hair dryers as​ much as​ possible,​ and​ style hair when its is​ dry or​ damp,​ not when still wet . ​
Be careful to​ use certain hair care products as​ there are chemicals especially those found in​ hair coloring or​ hair straightening treatments,​ which can also damage the​ hair . ​

Hair Care Tips And More

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