Hair Care Through Egg

Egg has become an​ important part of​ your hair and skin care diet. Everyone wants to​ have beautiful and lustrous hair. With the​ use of​ raw eggs anyone can find themselves with beautiful hair. One need not cross the​ seven continents to​ find a​ raw egg. Every house can easily get a​ good supply of​ raw eggs. These can be used for​ making some of​ the​ best hair conditioners. the​ properties of​ egg create a​ needed impact on​ your dull and dry hair. it​ helps the​ hair to​ recreate itself. it​ maintains the​ texture of​ your hair by the​ presence of​ the​ important elements.

Some Home Based Recipes

For strong and beautiful hair you​ can mix 2 egg yolks (depending on​ length of​ your hair) with 2 tsp. castor oil. Massage this mixture on​ your hair. Keep it​ for​ sometime then rinse it​ thoroughly.

Whip up two raw eggs. Pour this mixture on​ your hair by massaging. Let it​ dry. Shampoo your hair and then give vinegar and water rinse. Follow this procedure every month for​ soft and smooth hair.

Beat egg yolk thoroughly to​ make a​ frothy solution. Add 1 tsp baby oil and beat again to​ make a​ proper mixture. Add water to​ this mixture and apply it​ all over your scalp. Once dry,​ rinse well to​ get a​ proper conditioned treatment.

Mix egg yolk in​ 1/4 cup of​ yogurt with a​ little lime skin. Mix the​ ingredients thoroughly and apply it​ to​ every single strand of​ hair. After applying keep it​ for​ 10 minutes and then wash it​ off. the​ combination of​ yogurt and egg is​ very good for​ your hair.

Mix a​ whole egg to​ lemon juice. Whisk it​ properly. Once applied on​ your hair keep it​ for​ sometime. Rinse it​ thoroughly. This combination gives a​ shine to​ your dull hair.

Beat egg yolk to​ make a​ frothy paste. Add 1/2 tsp. olive oil and beat the​ mixture again. Slowly and steadily add 3/4 cup of​ luke warm water. After shampooing,​ massage this conditioner and leave it​ for​ few minutes. Rinse it​ later.

It is​ a​ good hair treatment for​ people who are in​ water most of​ the​ times like swimmers,​ surfers etc. Mix egg,​ olive oil and peeled cucumber to​ make a​ good mixture. Spread it​ evenly on​ your hair and keep it​ for​ 10 minutes. Rinse it​ thoroughly.

Mix together 1 tbsp. honey,​ 1 egg yolk,​ 1/2 tsp. almond oil and 1 tbsp. yogurt. Make a​ frothy paste and apply it​ on​ your hair. Rinse it​ in​ 1/2 hours time. This will smooth your hair and moisturize it​ evenly.

Warning: the​ reader of​ this article should exercise all precautions while following instructions on​ the​ recipes from this article. Avoid using any of​ these products if​ you​ are allergic to​ it. the​ responsibility lies with the​ reader and not with the​ site or​ the​ writer.
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