Hair Bows Lingo

Hair Bows Lingo

Makers of​ hair bows have to​ quickly learn that there are different widths of​ ribbons. the​ width is​ the​ length across the​ ribbon. the​ more common widths used are 1.5”,​ 7/8”,​ 5/8”,​ and 3/8”. Some the​ lesser used ones are the​ really wide ribbons in​ 2.25”,​ which make a​ really large and thick hair bow. Sometime ribbon factories make ribbon in​ 1” widths. This width is​ very close to​ the​ 7/8” and is​ sometimes hard to​ tell the​ difference. Ribbon manufacturing companies can come out with their own unique widths,​ but generally,​ these are your only options.

The 1.5” width is​ a​ good ribbon width to​ start with because there is​ more to​ hold and work with. the​ 7/8” or​ 5/8” widths are good for​ making center knots for​ the​ bows. the​ 3/8” is​ a​ nice width for​ very little bows or​ they make a​ nice center for​ a​ larger hair bow. I would not suggest knotting a​ 3/8” width ribbon unless it​ was for​ a​ very tiny hair bow,​ or​ you​ are placing it​ on​ top of​ a​ 7/8” or​ 5/8” width ribbon and then knotting it​ for​ a​ fun look.

Some ribbon makers like to​ use wood burning tools for​ what they call “heat sealing” their ends. Most grosgrains will melt at​ very high temperatures,​ and that is​ simply all bow makers mean when the​ say their ends are heat sealed. There are now other tools being made just for​ sealing off ribbon ends to​ keep them from fraying,​ and several ribbon web sites are now offering them to​ their online customers for​ making hair bows.

Another popular way to​ keep your ribbon ends from fraying is​ by applying Fray Check™ or​ any other brand to​ the​ ends of​ your ribbon. it​ is​ a​ liquid that,​ when dry,​ will harden and not allow the​ ends to​ fray. These products can be found in​ any craft store. Be careful when trying out different brands because some will leave a​ mark on​ the​ ribbon and not dry clear. you​ do not want to​ apply so much though that it​ drips off the​ hair bows or​ leaves a​ runny mark down the​ ribbon.

Then there are the​ hair clip or​ hair fastener options for​ hair bows. the​ alligator clip looks like an​ alligator’s mouth when it​ opens and closes. it​ generally has no teeth on​ this style of​ clip. They do however come in​ double pronged and single pronged. Single pronged is​ nice when you​ are going for​ the​ least heavy and bulky,​ and double pronged is​ nice when you​ need that extra prong to​ hold it​ in​ the​ hair.

A French clip is​ the​ kind that you​ squeeze two prongs to​ release if​ from the​ closed position,​ and will spring open like a​ mouse trap because of​ the​ tension it​ is​ under by the​ semi-loose bracket on​ the​ inside. That bracket is​ in​ the​ shape of​ a​ crescent.

Probably less common,​ are the​ plastic clip or​ barrette and a​ snap,​ which some makers of​ hair bows use,​ and they are pretty simple in​ nature and are plastic or​ metal so to​ give you​ the​ lightest possible weight on​ finished hair bows.

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