Hair Affair A Story Of Loss And Revival

Hair Affair a​ Story of​ Loss and​ Revival
Our hair distinguishes us from other people by giving our head and​ entire body a​ whole new personality . ​
it​ gives a​ sense of​ individuality and​ makes every person unique . ​
Each of​ us needs to​ take care of​ our hair not only for​ aesthetic reason,​ but more importantly,​ to​ maintain our heads protection from heat and​ rain . ​
the​ hair basically lasts for​ two to​ six years,​ which is​ the​ normal cycle of​ hair growth . ​
Each hair follicle grows approximately one centimeter per month,​ and​ almost all hair grows at​ the​ same time . ​
the​ remaining hair which us usually about ten percent of​ our total hair,​ enters a​ resting phase which is​ a​ period of​ cessation of​ hair growth . ​
After three months,​ the​ resting hair falls out and​ new hair starts to​ grow in​ its place . ​
it​ is​ considered normal to​ see some hair after you​ shower,​ since shedding is​ a​ part of​ the​ hair cycle . ​
However,​ some people may experience excessive hair loss,​ whether it​ be a​ woman,​ man,​ or​ child . ​

Hair loss can be atirbuted to​ a​ number of​ reasons . ​
Major medical treatments can make a​ person lose hair for​ as​ long as​ three to​ four months,​ a​ condition which occurs usually before and​ after surgery . ​
Many cancer patients also lose hair due to​ the​ barrage of​ chemical and​ radiation treatments . ​
Hair loss related to​ the​ stress of​ medical procedure and​ treatment are often temporary . ​
Another reason for​ losing hair is​ due to​ hormonal problems . ​
if​ the​ female or​ male hormones become unbalanced,​ hair loss starts to​ take place . ​
This can also occur in​ new mothers,​ where hair loss is​ noticeable three months after giving birth . ​
Medications can also help in​ having hair loss,​ including blood thinners,​ gout medications,​ chemotherapy ​Drug​s,​ too much Vitamin A,​ birth control pills and​ antidepressants . ​

For women,​ hair loss medications may not be as​ effective as​ for​ men . ​
However,​ a​ medication for​ this kind of​ hair condition called Finasteride can also improve the​ condition of​ women only if​ combined with birth control pills,​ according to​ the​ Archives of​ Dermatology . ​
a​ doctor at​ the​ University of​ Bologna,​ Italy evaluated the​ effectiveness of​ 2 . ​
5 milligrams of​ Finasteride taken orally and​ combined with an​ oral contraceptive in​ 37 women aging from 1950 years who consulted regarding their hair loss . ​
Birth control pills were a​ necessary part of​ the​ research,​ since Finasteride is​ known to​ cause birth defects . ​
Researchers selected a​ type of​ birth control pill that reduces the​ male hormone levels,​ since this can also contribute to​ the​ treatment of​ hair loss . ​
They later assessed the​ womens hair density using a​ technique known as​ computerized light videodermoscopy at​ the​ start of​ the​ study and​ after two medications of​ the​ ​Drug​,​ all in​ twelve months . ​

After one year,​ the​ women patients rated as​ improved using the​ photographs taken . ​
Most of​ the​ patients have increased their hair density,​ and​ a​ lot have reported that their condition was improved after twelve months . ​
None of​ the​ patients had any adverse reactions to​ the​ treatment . ​
This particular study shows that the​ use of​ said treatment is​ effective . ​
By basing from this study,​ future work can be done by further studies in​ order to​ establish the​ correct dosage and​ mode of​ administration of​ Finasteride,​ especially in​ premenopausal women,​ as​ well as​ to​ evaluate the​ efficiency of​ this ​Drug​ compared with other antiandrogens . ​
the​ clinical results by use of​ global photography,​ hair density scores and​ patient selfassessment can provide the​ basis for​ future studies . ​
This can be an​ effective way for​ women dealing with hair loss,​ all in​ due time . ​
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