Gutter Maintenance

Regular maintenance is​ the key to​ keeping your​ home gutter system intact. Making sure that your​ gutters have no bent areas is​ one suggestion​ made by those who help you​ prepare your​ home for​ sale.Clean and​ well maintained gutters add to​ your​ home's sale-ability.

Most home improvement experts suggest that you​ clean your​ gutters twice yearly. if​ your​ gutters are clogged with debris such as​ leaves and​ twigs the rain​ will not run off or​ drain​ properly. It's important to​ make sure that the rain​ isn't spilling over the top of​ your​ gutter and​ onto your​ foundation. Over time this​ can cause damage to​ the home's foundation.

It is​ suggested that you​ clean your​ gutters in​ the Fall after all the leaves have fallen from the surrounding trees, and​ in​ the Spring. While you're cleaning your​ gutters you​ will want to​ inspect them for​ any holes or​ rust through. Make sure there are no loose nails. Check to​ make sure the gutters are securely fastened to​ the house.

After you​ have removed all the debris from the gutter you'll want to​ rinse any remaining debris down the gutter and​ into the downspout with your​ garden hose. this​ will also help you​ to​ make sure that your​ downspout isn't clogged with debris. if​ you​ find the water not running into the downspout you​ can remove the downspout, clean it​ and​ then replace it.

Make sure that the water running out of​ the downspout is​ being properly diverted with the use of​ a​ plastic or​ concrete diverter. you​ don't want the water emptying out on​ the ground where it​ will cause erosion.

Gutter guards have become very popular and​ do away with the problem of​ having to​ clean your​ gutters, although they will still need twice yearly inspection. for​ a​ do-it-yourself type installing gutter guards isn't a​ big deal, and, it​ could save you​ thousands of​ dollars over having the gutter guards installed by professionals.

Some people think that gutter guards are very expensive and​ not worth the money. While gutter guards prevent large leaves from entering the gutter they do not stop much smaller natural debris such as​ seeds, buds, small pieces of​ bark and​ twigs or​ evergreen needles. All this​ type of​ natural matter breaks down over time to​ form debris in​ your​ gutter. Also, debris can build up over the gutter guard screening that will have to​ be manually cleaned off. Some have found that gutter guards actually cause them more problems.

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