Guided Meditation Reduction Stress

Guided Meditation Six Simple Steps on​ Stress Reduction
Adjustment is​ always needed since our environment constantly changes. ​
Thus,​ it​ affects both the​ emotional and​ physical aspects of​ the​ person creating either negative or​ positive feelings. ​
This can result to​ stress. ​

Stress is​ a​ part of​ everyday lives since time immemorial. ​
But if ​ an influence is​ positive,​ stress can motivate a​ person to​ an action resulting to​ a​ new consciousness and​ a​ stimulating new perspective. ​
But if ​ the​ influence is​ negative,​ stress can create a​ feeling of​ rejection,​ distrust,​ depression,​ and​ anger. ​
In return,​ health problems can be developed such as​ an upset stomach,​ headaches,​ insomnia,​ rashes,​ heart disease,​ stroke,​ ulcers,​ and​ high blood pressure. ​
People can experience stress during a​ job promotion,​ new relationship,​ child birth,​ or​ death of​ a​ person close to​ them. ​

Stress can hinder or​ help people depending on​ their reactions to​ the​ circumstances of​ life. ​
it​ does not matter if ​ all are positive stresses since it​ adds excitement and​ anticipation to​ life. ​
But somehow competitions,​ deadlines,​ frustrations,​ sorrows,​ and​ confrontations also add enrichment and​ depth to​ life.
You dont need to​ get rid of​ stress. ​
All you​ need to​ do is​ manage it​ in​ a​ way that it​ can give you​ benefits. ​
Remember that insufficient stress can act as​ depressants letting you​ feel dejected or​ bored. ​
While excessive stress lets you​ feel stocked. ​

To avoid stress build ups,​ you​ can try meditation. ​
Besides it​ being cool to​ do,​ you​ can obtain an immediate calming effect regardless of​ your meditation posture. ​
In this manner,​ you​ can reduce your stress. ​

1. Practicing your breathing is​ the​ first process you​ should learn. ​
if ​ you​ observe that stress is​ starting to​ disturb you,​ just do a​ couple of​ light breathing. ​
Concentrate on​ your breathing quality. ​
Make sure that its light and​ still. ​
Then slowly breathe deeper. ​

2. The next step is​ to​ balance your posture and​ make it​ even,​ head up and​ back straight. ​
Most people who are stressed out often do a​ slouching posture while frowning. ​

3. Clear your thoughts. ​
Start to​ imagine that you​ are swimming in​ relaxing waves. ​
Feel the​ flowing waves in​ your consciousness that is​ taking away all you​ stress and​ anxiety. ​
Make sure your body receives the​ constant flow of​ the​ waves.
4. Acknowledge your stress and​ review its root causes. ​
This is​ a​ very important step. ​
Denying stress in​ the​ meditation process is​ not good. ​
Clearly speak to​ your mind that the​ stress is​ true but you​ have the​ capacity to​ handle it​ by thinking straight and​ finding ways to​ deal and​ cope up with it​ immediately. ​

5. Repeat this statement during your meditation process for at ​ least ten minutes or​ more. ​
Then take control of​ your stress totally. ​
Think of​ the​ person who caused you​ such stress and​ made you​ out of​ control. ​
Control your mind and​ remove the​ stress from it. ​

6. Finally,​ concentrate on​ a​ decision that you​ have the​ right to​ a​ peaceful and​ free mind and​ nobody can say or​ do anything against this right,​ as​ you​ end the​ meditation process. ​
Every time you​ need meditation,​ just dictate this decision to​ your mind. ​

These steps can do something to​ change your outlook whenever stress disturbs you. ​
Never be afraid to​ try,​ just believe on​ the​ benefits that it​ will give you​ in​ the​ end. ​

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