Guided Meditation 04

One of​ the​ biggest problems faced by people new to​ meditation is​ the​ dizzying variety of​ different types of​ meditating there are .​
Although the​ benefits of​ meditation a​ well known,​ and many people out there would really like to​ get a​ good meditation practice together,​ often they fail to​ take even the​ most rudimentary steps towards establishing a​ daily habit of​ meditating .​
It is​ little wonder why .​
With Taoist meditation,​ yoga meditation,​ and literally thousands of​ other varieties of​ meditation out there,​ how can anyone sort through all of​ the​ dizzying possibilities?
I have tried many different schools of​ meditation,​ but the​ one that I​ keep coming back to​ is​ guided meditation .​
Although I​ do not use of​ the​ most frequently of​ all of​ the​ forms,​ I​ do find it​ the​ most useful .​
I​ guess part of​ this has to​ do with the​ fact that it​ was my introduction .​
I​ had a​ friend who is​ a​ dedicated student of​ a​ guru .​
I​ was,​ let us say,​ a​ bit skeptical at​ the​ time .​
My friend looked like a​ wide-eyed believer to​ me,​ and I​ tried to​ convince her over and over again to​ stay away from the​ so-called guru .​
But she convinced me instead to​ come check out one of​ his meetings.
Although there were many components to​ the​ ceremony,​ it​ started and ended with guided meditation .​
the​ guided meditation was simple .​
He directed us to​ follow our breaths,​ flowing in​ and out of​ our bodies,​ and to​ visualize them as​ beams of​ energy .​
It might sound stupid to​ you,​ and even telling it​ sounds silly to​ me,​ but there was something about the​ way that he used his voice to​ direct the​ guided meditation that made it​ a​ profoundly powerful practice .​
I​ have tried guided meditation tapes and CDs,​ but none of​ them have given me nearly as​ powerful of​ an​ effect as​ hearing someone directing the​ meditation with their own voice in​ person.
Of course,​ you​ do not need to​ have amassed a​ lead guided meditation,​ and if​ you​ have a​ spiritual group,​ you​ can all take turns leading it .​
Many guided meditations are just simple relaxation exercises .​
You can do such simple things as​ imagining yourself in​ a​ peaceful place with the​ sun beating down on​ your,​ or​ focusing back on​ some early memories from childhood .​
Some of​ the​ most powerful guided meditations that there are are also the​ most obvious ones .​
the​ most important thing is​ to​ have fun with it!

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