Guard Your Mental Health

Guard Your Mental Health 1

Guard Your Mental Health
I am a​ firm believer that the​ mental health of​ a​ person is​ just as​ important as​ their physical health . ​
I ​ guess I ​ believe this so strongly because I ​ have seen the​ affects of​ someone not caring about the​ state of​ their mental health . ​
By mental health I ​ am not referring to​ the​ serious mental health conditions such as​ depression,​ anxiety,​ schizophrenia,​ or​ any of​ the​ other very serious issues people often face . ​

By mental health Im simply referring to​ the​ state of​ our minds and​ the​ ways that our thinking affects our lives . ​
Im talking about caring for​ our minds in​ the​ same ways that we care for​ our physical bodies . ​
One of​ the​ biggest ways to​ promote mental health is​ to​ take rest . ​
Just like our physical bodies need sleep in​ order to​ be restored with energy,​ so our minds need time to​ just relax and​ reflect upon life and​ regain perspective . ​
you​ can rest your mind in​ a​ variety of​ ways,​ it​ is​ simply important that you​ take the​ time to​ rest . ​
for​ one person,​ guarding their mental health may mean setting aside time each day to​ meditate or​ reflect upon the​ good things in​ life . ​
for​ another,​ mental health might be best maintained by reading a​ good book,​ writing in​ a​ journal,​ or​ listening to​ soothing music . ​
and​ still another person may need to​ get outside and​ exercise in​ order to​ refresh their health mentally . ​

Learn yourself . ​
Know the​ things that stress you​ out and​ know how to​ relax and​ refresh yourself as​ well . ​
the​ state of​ your mind is​ much too important to​ be ignored,​ so do whatever it​ takes to​ keep your mind at​ rest and​ at​ peace . ​
I ​ guarentee that ignoring problems will only numb your mind for​ a​ little while at​ best . ​
as​ the​ stresses of​ life have increased in​ the​ past few years,​ I ​ have learned that one of​ the​ main things I ​ need in​ order to​ guard my mental health is​ time alone . ​
No matter what my schedule looks like each day,​ I ​ always block out at​ least twenty minutes just to​ be alone . ​
During that time I ​ do a​ variety of​ things that help renew my perspective and​ keep me on​ track . ​
Somedays I ​ go for​ a​ brisk walk and​ other days I ​ sit in​ a​ coffeeshop with a​ latte and​ a​ newspaper . ​
the​ important thing is​ not so much what I ​ do,​ but simply that I ​ take time to​ be alone and​ recharge my mental health . ​

Take time starting today to​ guard the​ state of​ your mental health . ​
Take time to​ enjoy the​ small things in​ life and​ to​ remember all there is​ to​ be grateful for . ​

Guard Your Mental Health

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