Grooming Public Hair An Alternative To Removing Pubic Hair

Grooming Public Hair An Alternative To Removing Pubic Hair

Women have been changing the​ appearance of​ their pubic hair for​ generations. Today,​ many use shaving or​ waxing to​ improve its appearance but others find these methods aren’t for​ them. They may have very sensitive skin,​ which is​ irritated by pubic shaving,​ or​ they are particularly sensitive to​ the​ pain of​ waxing. They find that grooming pubic hair is​ a​ better way for​ them to​ keep it​ looking neat without the​ risks of​ rashes,​ bloodspots,​ pimples and ingrown hairs,​ which are associated with removing pubic hair.

If you​ do decide waxing or​ shaving pubic hair isn’t for​ you,​ grooming pubic hair is​ very straightforward. Here’s how to​ get started.

Grooming pubic hair starts with daily exfoliating and moisturising of​ the​ pubic area. This keeps the​ hair and skin in​ good condition. if​ you​ wish to​ trim your pubic hair,​ first,​ wash and shampoo it. you​ can use a​ little conditioner too,​ so that the​ hair is​ tangle free. You’ll need a​ pair of​ small sharp scissors and a​ large-toothed comb to​ get started. a​ beard trimmer is​ even better. Set it​ to​ long length and then start trimming. Use scissors and a​ comb in​ the​ same way as​ a​ hair stylist does. Run the​ comb thru the​ hair and then cut against the​ comb.

Only take a​ little off at​ a​ time and remember to​ keep checking the​ mirror to​ see how you’re getting on. Curly hair will spring back when you’ve cut it​ so make sure you​ don’t cut it​ too short. Be careful you​ don’t cut yourself. Using a​ beard trimmer or​ pubic hair shaver is​ easier as​ you​ don’t’ have to​ worry about injuring yourself or​ trimming hair too short.

When you’ve finished trimming,​ take a​ shower to​ wash away all the​ hairs. as​ with shaving pubic hair,​ maintenance is​ important. Regular trimming will keep hair neat. How often will depend on​ how quickly your hair grows but every four days is​ about average.

Grooming Public Hair An Alternative To Removing Pubic Hair

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