Great Discovery Helps You Gain Energy

Great Discovery Helps You Gain Energy

"People who are unable to​ motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents."
Andrew Carnegie, Industrialist

When we are tired, it​ is​ hard to​ communicate. Our thinking cells don’t function​ and​ even if​ we try to​ continue, the effort and​ results will be mediocre at​ best.

It is​ important to​ realize that our energy levels are affected by the state of​ our emotions. and​ our emotions are a​ result of​ our perceptions on​ our outlook on​ the events of​ our lives. (Reread that if​ needed and​ let it​ sink in)

Emotional energy is​ the preconception​ we have for​ everything. you​ see we can get into assumptions on​ how thing are going and​ how they will turn out. if​ we believe that things will turn out badly, we act in​ accordance to​ that belief. The reverse is​ also true.

Author Mira Kirshenbaum, author of​ THE EMOTIONAL ENERGY FACTOR wrote about how our emotions dictate our energy level.

"It is​ estimated that a​ whopping 70% of​ our energy comes from our emotional state of​ mind as​ apposed to​ the food we eat or​ the exercise that we do."

Our positive emotions of​ love, joy, excitement, compassion, create energy within​ us. These are the driving forces that can help us excel in​ our accomplishments. They enable us to​ create and​ implement more ideas and​ inspire us to​ do more. They attract other successful people to​ us and​ radiate potential.

Whereas negative emotions such as​ anger, hatred, fear, worry anxiety etc. drain​ us of​ our energy. They literately zap and​ drain​ us of​ our abilities to​ change whatever we do not like. They can stop us in​ our tracks from moving forward. They leave us with little more energy then to​ just sit and​ complain​ about the world rather than being part of​ the change. AND, this​ attracts other complainers with little or​ no energy.

To increase your​ emotional energy, you​ need to​ look at​ two things.

    1. Know what it​ is​ that drains you; (learn to​ avoid them)
  • a. Life situations

  • b. Toxic people

  • c. Habits of​ worry, guilt, fear, indecision, envy

  • d. Unfinished business; whether its cleaning, paper work or​ clearing the air

  • 2. Know what it​ is​ that fills you​ (and​ give yourself more)
  • a. Prayer

  • b. Meditation

  • c. Hobbies

  • d. Walks or​ reading

Several authors from different backgrounds have written on​ the benefits of​ prayer and​ meditation. They have pointed out how tests have shown that people who take care of​ their souls have found the secret of​ high voltage people.

this​ does not mean attending church once a​ week and​ believing that, that is​ all there is. it​ is​ about connecting at​ the level of​ your​ being, living your​ truth and​ connecting with your​ higher power.

They state that there is​ a​ positive cycle that goes like this:
Prayer gives emotional energy = Emotional energy helps you​ take action
= Actions makes good things happen

Greg Braden explains that scientific experiments show that time is​ not linear (From the Isaiah Effect), that besides past, present, & future, it​ also has depth. The depth consists of​ all possible prayers. Essentially, all of​ our prayers have been answered and​ we activate the ones that we live through our feelings. Through this, we create our reality; the choice through feelings connects the web of​ creation​ with all of​ the energy and​ matter of​ the Universe.

this​ message is​ being repeated over and​ over by countless authours, speakers, philosophers and​ quantum physicists that feelings and​ emotions have been the missing key ingredient in​ achieving what we desire. in​ past, we have become good at​ getting what we don’t want, because many people only use feelings when it​ comes to​ be angry, fearful, mad or​ anxious.
Where as​ if​ we can use positive emotion​ energy when thinking about what we do want, we will attract the life we desire. Moreover, we will have the energy to​ go after it.

So ask yourself, where is​ my emotional energy, and​ what is​ it​ doing to​ me?

"your​ thoughts are like a​ boomerang. your​ judgments and​ unforgiving thoughts will most certainly return and​ whack you​ in​ the back of​ the head."
From, Smile for​ No Good Reason
by Lee L. Jampolsky, Ph.D.

Great Discovery Helps You Gain Energy

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