Great Bedroom Decor

The bedroom is​ the place where you​ spend a​ great deal of​ time every day, albeit much of​ it​ asleep. This, of​ course, means that it​ needs to​ be a​ place of​ relaxation, and​ for​ many people, romance.

It’s all to​ easy to​ let the clutter of​ everyday life invade your​ bedroom, but this​ impairs your​ ability to​ relax in​ the one room in​ the house that should be designed for​ that purpose. It’s time to​ decorate your​ bedroom for​ its true purpose.

Start out by thinking about your​ personal style. What would you​ like to​ have in​ your​ bedroom? What would make it​ relaxing, romantic or​ both? if​ you’re married, what would appeal to​ your​ spouse?

Let’s start with the bed. as​ the largest piece of​ furniture in​ most rooms, as​ well as​ the most used, it​ is​ something of​ a​ focal point. Do you​ like the bedding? What about the bedframe itself?

Sometimes you​ will quickly realize that it​ is​ time to​ replace all your​ bedroom furniture when you​ decide to​ redecorate your​ bedroom. Maybe the old furniture just isn’t your​ style anymore. With today’s online shopping available, finding new furniture doesn’t have to​ mean running all around town anymore. you​ can shop from the comfort of​ your​ own home and​ often get better prices.

Back to​ the bed. What would you​ like it​ to​ look like? Huge, 4 poster beds are quite popular right now, but would it​ look right in​ your​ home? if​ your​ room is​ big enough, it​ might look perfect. in​ a​ smaller room it​ will just make it​ look crowded.

Once you​ have chosen your​ bed, pick the rest of​ your​ furniture to​ match, but not overcrowd your​ bedroom. The dressers need to​ have adequate space for​ the clothing you​ will store in​ them. Most bedroom sets have plenty of​ matching pieces to​ choose from, so that you​ can find a​ style you​ like, yet still have a​ choice of​ a​ couple different sizes for​ your​ dresser.

Now it’s time to​ pick the accents. your​ bedding is​ one kind of​ accent for​ your​ room. What colors do you​ like? Do you​ love throw pillows or​ are they a​ nuisance? of​ course, soft sheets and​ good pillows are a​ must, both for​ relaxation​ and​ romance.

Lighting matters too. you​ don’t need to​ light your​ bedroom up as​ brightly as​ the rest of​ the house all of​ the time... in​ fact, there are many times when dimmer lighting is​ perfect for​ the mood in​ the bedroom. Consider installing a​ dimmer switch on​ the main​ light or​ have dimmer lights as​ a​ part of​ your​ decor.

Another option​ for​ mood lighting is​ candles. They can add a​ lovely touch to​ the decor, and​ when it’s time for​ romance they’re just about classic. Scented candles can add a​ lot too.

One item I strongly recommend leaving out of​ the bedroom that has found its way into too many is​ the television. Putting a​ television​ in​ your​ bedroom limits your​ ability to​ relax, and​ it​ takes away from romance. Yes, you​ can enjoy relaxing in​ front of​ the television​ in​ the evening, but why not do that in​ the living room, and​ leave the bedroom for​ other forms of​ relaxation?

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