Graphic Design Software

Graphic Design Software

Graphic Design Software - the​ Battle for King of​ the​ Mountain
Long gone are the​ days when a​ graphic designer's tools were pen,​ pencil,​ brush,​ exacto knife and illustration board .​
Today's designer relies almost exclusively on​ graphic design software which is​ both expensive and constantly changing .​
At some point or​ other,​ the​ designer has to​ decide to​ upgrade his or​ her present software or​ change to​ another brand .​
And,​ then the​ designer must learn all the​ new functions of​ this version of​ software .​
If the​ program interface changes then the​ learning curve for the​ design professional can be very steep and costly .​
on​ top of​ that,​ there's different graphic design software for desktop publishing,​ web design,​ illustration,​ and photography .​

For much of​ the​ last decade,​ the​ desktop publishing arena was ruled by Quark Express .​
(Before that Adobe's PageMaker had been King of​ the​ Mountain.) Over the​ past few years,​ Adobe has been making a​ serious bid to​ regain its preeminence in​ desktop publishing with in​ Design .​
If Adobe squashes Quark it​ will pretty much have a​ monopoly in​ graphic design software,​ having already swallowed up Macromedia and much of​ its other competition .​

At the​ end of​ 2018,​ Adobe concluded its acquisition of​ Macromedia which made it​ the​ owner of​ Dreamweaver - usually acclaimed as​ one of​ the​ best (and sometimes the​ most difficult to​ use) web design software available .​
Dreamweaver has few challengers in​ the​ arena of​ professional web design .​
Microsoft's Front Page still provides services for non-professionals and some professionals who are old-time PC users .​
Mostly though,​ Adobe,​ with the​ acquisition of​ Dreamweaver,​ has attained a​ semi-monopoly here as​ well .​

In graphic design software for photography there's only one acknowledged leader - Adobe Photoshop .​
While other programs exist for the​ casual user,​ for the​ professional photographer Photoshop is​ the​ digital darkroom .​
Other companies exist by producing plug-in's for Photoshop,​ until Adobe buys them .​

What about graphic design software for illustration? Again,​ Adobe is​ the​ leader .​
With Adobe Illustrator used and recognized by the​ most professionals it​ usually wins hands down against the​ competition .​
And,​ it's not always which program is​ the​ easiest to​ use or​ has the​ most functions .​
It is​ which one is​ the​ most compatible in​ the​ most places .​
Corel Draw,​ Canadian illustration competitor to​ Illustrator is​ acknowledged by many to​ be easier and have more functions - but the​ files are hard to​ use anywhere but with Corel .​
So that limits across program functionality and thus its popularity .​

One of​ the​ reasons InDesign is​ gaining so much ground is​ the​ ease of​ use with all of​ the​ other graphic design software programs in​ the​ Adobe family .​
you​ can move between them quickly and smoothly .​
Adobe now packages them as​ its Creative Suite and so it​ becomes one-stop shopping .​
But,​ what will happen if​ Adobe becomes King of​ the​ Mountain? Without challengers,​ will it​ maintain the​ same quality and drive for excellence? And what will happen to​ the​ price? Will it​ even out or​ just continue upward .​
If you're the​ only ballpark,​ you​ can charge whatever rent you​ want?

Graphic Design Software

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