Golf Workouts For Winter

Golf Workouts For Winter

Golf workouts for winter is​ a​ great approach to​ taking advantage of​ the​ time you now have available to​ improve your golf since you’re not playing as​ much,​ if​ not at​ all. It’s a​ way to​ stay connected to​ your golf game when you’re not able to​ play due to​ the​ conditions (snow,​ temperatures,​ ice,​ etc.).

Have you gone into depression mode when winter hits and you can’t play golf anymore? I know this use to​ happen to​ me until I finally moved to​ a​ year-round nice climate. This transition from playing golf regularly to​ not at​ all can be depressing.

What do you do with all the​ time you now have since you’re not playing?

The answer? Golf workouts for the​ winter! This is​ your “off-season” and like most athletes they work on​ their body’s to​ take their game to​ the​ next level. This is​ a​ time where you evaluate your game and work on​ your weaknesses.

A common denominator for most golfers,​ especially senior golfers is​ “physical capabilities”. This is​ your current level of​ golf-specific strength and flexibility. it​ is​ highly unlikely you have no physical limitations in​ your golf swing. 80% or​ more of​ amateur golfers play with an​ injury during the​ season. This would tell me there is​ a​ physical issue.

What better time than winter to​ do golf workouts to​ greatly improve this situation. There is​ no excuse. You’ve got the​ time and hopefully you’ve got the​ motivation to​ improve your game. You’ve just got to​ set up a​ game plan in​ regards to​ your golf workouts for winter.

The first step is​ to​ get a​ physical evaluation done to​ diagnose your current level of​ fitness specific to​ golf. You can hire a​ local golf fitness trainer or​ look on​ the​ web. Golf workouts are becoming so popular you can’t miss finding out information about them.

Once you’ve gotten your golf fitness evaluation,​ assess the​ areas that need the​ most work and spend the​ majority of​ your time on​ those areas. Most likely this would be flexibility and core strength. These are two very common areas that are lacking and can make the​ most impact on​ your golf improvement.

You will be shocked at​ your progress if​ you stick with it​ through the​ entire winter. the​ first time you step on​ the​ range,​ you’ll feel like a​ different golfer. it​ will be like an​ “out-of-body” experience. You’ll soon realize this is​ what you’ve been missing all along.

So when you put those clubs up for the​ winter and go into depression mode…remember this article and start your golf workouts for winter.

Golf Workouts For Winter

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