Golf Tips For Driving Longer

Golf Tips For Driving Longer

you​ are a​ frustrated golfer. you​ cannot seem to​ get a​ long drive on​ your​ shot. you​ have consulted numerous golfing magazines, sports shop pros, and​ even the book Golfing for​ Dummies. as​ embarrassing as​ that was, it​ didn't even work. in​ fact, nothing seems to​ work. What should you​ do?

Don't fret. Improving your​ drive isn't the most complicated thing on​ earth to​ achieve, although at​ times it​ may feel that way. There are basically four things that you​ can do to​ make yourself a​ better player in​ this​ area. Let's take a​ closer look at​ what you​ need to​ do.

Change your​ stance:
It doesn't take a​ rocket scientist to​ figure out that if​ you​ simply widen your​ golf stance, you​ will be more stable. this​ stability will give you​ the power you​ need to​ swing the club steadily and​ powerfully.

When you​ are at​ the tee box, make sure that you​ are properly aligned on​ it. Sometimes a​ confusing layout of​ a​ tee box can throw an​ even experienced golfer off. Make sure that you​ are always standing behind the ball and​ looking right down the fairway. this​ is​ by far the easiest way to​ avoid any stance confusion.

Use your​ toes to​ aim at​ the target:
That's right. if​ you​ are left-handed, simply point your​ right toe right at​ the target. if​ you​ are right-handed, then vice versa is​ true. this​ will not only help your​ balance, but will force your​ body to​ take direct aim.

Focus... and​ then focus some more:
Take your​ mind off every little thought in​ your​ head that does not have to​ do with hitting this​ ball the right way. Concentration​ is​ absolutely necessary to​ drive your​ ball longer. One little uninvited though could throw off your​ whole game... and​ you​ don't want that, do you?

Consider your​ form:
Do you​ hurry through your​ backswing? Or, do you​ take the club back as​ far as​ you​ possibly can when using a​ backswing? Which hand​ do you​ use more power in​ when hitting the ball? Do you​ keep your​ head still when swinging at​ the ball? if​ the things you​ are trying now aren't working, then you​ need to​ tweak or​ change them, so that you​ can get something to​ work right for​ you. if​ it​ is​ your​ form that needs to​ be changed, try some different positions. See what works right for​ you.

in​ the case of​ keeping your​ head straight when hitting the ball, for​ example, this​ will help you​ to​ know where the ball is​ going to​ be when you​ hit it. if​ your​ head is​ not steady, your​ control over the ball is​ not going to​ be there.

and​ lastly, before you​ get out on​ the golf course, give yourself a​ little piece of​ advice: 'you​ can do it.' Not only can you​ drive your​ ball longer, but you​ can also have fun when doing so. The more you​ are relaxed when going to​ play the game of​ golf, the better it​ will turn out for​ you!

Golf Tips For Driving Longer

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