Golf Driving Tip That Will Add Yards Quickly

Golf Driving Tip That Will Add Yards Quickly

A golf driving tip that can make the difference between being the shortest hitter in​ your​ foursome to​ the longest…consistently would interest you​ right? Well…the tip I’m going to​ discuss is​ not what you’d think, but you​ need to​ take notice and​ apply it…if​ you​ want to​ own your​ foursome off the tee!

When you​ think of​ a​ golf driving tip I’ll bet you​ think of​ swing mechanics. Am I correct? if​ so, has it​ worked? I mean…have you​ added 10,20 or​ even 30 yards to​ your​ swing taking this​ approach?

if​ most of​ you​ are being honest you’ll say no. for​ those of​ you​ who have accomplished the above with that approach…congratulations. you​ are a​ small percent of​ the golfing community that is​ successful.

So if​ a​ golf driving tip pertaining to​ swing mechanics isn’t it…what else is​ left? Well…you’re looking at​ it​ if​ you​ look in​ a​ mirror. it​ is​ your​ physical make-up. What your​ body is​ capable of​ doing at​ this​ moment.

All the swing thoughts and​ golfing tips in​ the world won’t help if​ your​ body can’t physical perform them. and​ no matter how hard you​ try…you​ won’t be successful.

you​ see…your​ body needs to​ move with a​ certain​ level of​ flexibility (fluidity), strength (power) and​ sequence (body awareness). Most of​ these qualities dissipate with age. Do you​ feel as​ flexible, strong or​ with great body awareness as​ you​ did years ago?

if​ your​ answer is​ no, then you​ need to​ take the ‘physical approach’ to​ hitting your​ drives longer (and​ straighter). The more you​ work on​ your​ current physical abilities the easier you​ will be able to​ make a​ sound and​ repeatable golf swing.

you​ will look back and​ wish you​ would have taken this​ approach years ago…but it’s NEVER too late! you​ can improve your​ physical capabilities well into your​ 80’s if​ you​ are willing to​ put a​ little bit of​ effort into it.

The areas you​ need to​ focus on​ are rotational strength and​ flexibility; posture and​ spinal strength; and​ hamstring/low back muscular endurance (flexibility).

Focus on​ these and​ you​ will see dramatic improvements in​ your​ driving distance and​ accuracy.

this​ is​ my golf driving tip that will change your​ game forever!

Golf Driving Tip That Will Add Yards Quickly

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