Goldmine Software Sales Automation Software

Goldmine Software Sales Automation Software
Goldmine Software has earned a​ reputation for providing quality sales automation software but it​ has also decided to​ enter the​ contact center market .​
The 32 bit version of​ this contact management software is​ readily available.
This is​ a​ product that not only automates your sales division but offers you​ all kinds of​ tools such as​ report writing capabilities with spell checker and graphical organization charts .​
You are going to​ impress them with this quarters report! you​ also get a​ calendar where you​ ca schedule all your appointments and activities and it’s been improved considerably since the​ previous version .​
Finally let’s not forget about the​ ACT! Import Wizard .​
This piece of​ software is​ no wimp .​
It’s packed with power to​ get the​ job done.
FrontOffice 2000 integrates with Goldmine providing sales personal,​ marketing staff,​ and call center agents with a​ single complete customer database which quickly provides them with whatever information the​ need to​ know about the​ customer and the​ products the​ customer has .​
This unified system ensures that everyone has up to​ date information on​ the​ customer.
Managers love it​ because with the​ click of​ a​ mouse they have a​ complete overview of​ what’s happening in​ their department and they can now quickly and effectively track not only problems but trends and patterns too .​
As well they can monitor their department’s activities and communication and they can compare it​ across departments .​
It’s a​ powerful tool for managers to​ find and correct internal problems.
With departments being able to​ quickly trade information managers are much more able to​ ensure cohesiveness not only in​ their own department but across the​ board .​
You don’t even have to​ be in​ the​ office because it​ can all be accessed remotely.
This program might not bring you​ all the​ bells and whistles of​ larger packages such as​ Siebel’s but this is​ solid technology for the​ average budget and it​ goes from the​ box into production with no technical support required .​
This is​ a​ turnkey piece of​ software and it​ was designed with the​ small to​ medium call center in​ mind.
Goldmine Software offers training and lets you​ tap into the​ full power of​ this software .​
You can pay for on​ site training or​ have a​ few staff attend classes at​ there site .​
That said this software is​ also easy enough for staff to​ learn on​ their own .​
The training however gives you​ the​ skills to​ get the​ full power out of​ the​ Goldmine Software.
Goldmine Software certainly is​ the​ right name because any business running it​ is​ sitting on​ a​ gold mine.

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