Goldfish Maintenance

Goldfish Maintenance
Goldfishes were first among the fishes and​ ​ also the most common​ fishes that were kept as​ pets. ​
They are popular because they are inexpensive and​ ​ long lasting. ​
They can even survive in​ ponds covered with ice, until they have sufficient supply of​ oxygen. ​
Many types of​ goldfishes are available in​ the market. ​
Because of​ selective breeding, different types of​ goldfishes are available which differ in​ color, shape, eye and​ ​ fin​ configuration. ​
Some of​ these fishes cannot survive in​ the wild and​ ​ must be kept only in​ the aquarium. ​
this​ is because of​ their attractive colors. ​
Thanks to mixed breeding, the body of​ some fishes have been modified which is an obstruction​ in​ natural breeding. ​
Such kinds of​ fishes are hand​ bred, but this​ procedure is very risky and​ ​ has to be executed very carefully. ​

Goldfishes can be kept in​ aquarium with cold water. ​
According to the popular perception, goldfishes should have to be kept in​ goldfish bowl. ​
But what people do not realize is that the decreased water surface area provides lesser oxygen to the fishes, which can result in​ difficulty in​ respiration. ​
The fishes also die very quickly because of​ ammonia or​ nitrite poisoning. ​
Hence, goldfish bowls have been banned in​ many countries. ​
Also goldfishes that are kept in​ bowls have a​ shorter lifespan. ​
One medium sized goldfish need minimum of​ ten gallons of​ water. ​
Goldfishes intoxicate the water very quickly with their feces and​ ​ the chemicals released from their gills. ​
The water should be cleaned regularly otherwise the fishes can die in​ a​ short period. ​
The water surface area should be considered when introducing new fishes to the aquarium, because more the water surface area, more the diffused oxygen. ​
The water can also be aerated with the help of​ filter or​ water pump. ​
Goldfishes cannot survive sudden water temperature shifts. ​
this​ usually happens in​ winters, when the heating is turned on. ​

The goldfishes shouldn’t be touched because it​ would result in​ slimy coating on​ its body coming out, which exposes the skin​ to bacterial infection. ​
this​ is very dangerous to the health of​ the fish. ​
Goldfishes, when kept in​ dark will loose their color. ​
this​ is because they have pigments in​ the cells, similar to the pigments in​ human, which causes it​ to become tan. ​
Therefore, lights should be installed in​ closed rooms. ​
a​ full hood can be used to provide adequate light. ​
But if​ ​ the aquarium has water less than thirty gallons, then the room lights will do the job. ​
Also the aquarium can be placed in​ natural light, if​ ​ it​ is available. ​

Goldfishes are opportunistic feeders, that is, they will eat whenever food is provided to them. ​
The more the food given to them, the more the waste created. ​
They should be given food only twice a​ day and​ ​ the quantity must be only that much which it​ can finish in​ couple of​ minutes. ​
The food should have high carbohydrate and​ ​ low protein, as​ the fish will be unable to digest proteins well because of​ the lack of​ stomach. ​
Other than the commercial food flakes and​ ​ pellets, they can also be given bloodworms and​ ​ green leafy vegetables. ​
if​ ​ the fishes are overfed, it​ could lead to the bursting of​ their intestines. ​

The goldfish can grow up to twentythree inches and​ ​ can weigh up to ten pounds. ​
There are known to live for​ twenty years, but in​ captivity they live for​ eight years. ​
Goldfishes although are good in​ aquariums, they can also be kept in​ ponds. ​
The depth of​ the water should be more than thirty inches, so that the water doesn’t freeze in​ winter. ​
Plants should also be added to the pond as​ they will filter the water and​ ​ even increase the oxygen amount in​ the water. ​
Along with that, filters should also be used to the clean the pond water. ​
Ponds are a​ good place to breed goldfishes. ​
Water surface should be one square foot for​ each inch of​ fish’s length. ​

The goldfishes kept in​ the aquarium and​ ​ as​ well as​ in​ the ponds should not be mixed with tropical fishes or​ any other kind of​ fish. ​
Since most of​ the goldfishes are hybrid variety, they are more prone to attacks. ​
Some fishes not only attack the goldfishes, but also suck on​ their wounds. ​

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