Going Gaga Over Yoga

Going Gaga Over Yoga

Pop icon Madonna is​ probably one of​ the​ most popular bi-products of​ commercialized yoga. Since she started to​ come out with that toned and buffed figure,​ women all over the​ world wanted to​ know what kind of​ diet she has been doing. When she revealed that she has been on​ her journey of​ self-discovery and has found a​ new source of​ spirituality,​ she also revealed her secret in​ maintaining her almost eternal youth look—practicing yoga that is.

But,​ aside from staying fit through practicing of​ yoga there is​ so much more about the​ discipline that people should know.


Before becoming gaga over yoga,​ you should familiarize yourself first about what yoga really is,​ its origin,​ the​ many underlying premises behind the​ discipline and how can you benefit from it. Let’s start first by defining the​ foreign word that is​ yoga. Basically,​ the​ word “yoga” is​ rooted from a​ language of​ ancient India where it​ is​ originated—the Sanskrit. “Yoga,​” in​ Sanskrit,​ means “union or​ joining.” it​ can either be a​ union that occurs between the​ mind and the​ spirit,​ between the​ body and the​ spirit or​ a​ joining of​ the​ mind,​ body and spirit as​ a​ whole.

But,​ the​ term “yoga” can be accurately defined by another Sanskrit word “asana” – the​ practice of​ physical poses or​ postures. Although “asana” is​ only one of​ the​ eight known types of​ yoga,​ both terms are now being taken as​ one because since both of​ them are concerned with mental and spiritual well being than in​ purely physical activity.

Since yoga has been packaged for the​ Western culture,​ it​ is​ now best described as​ a​ general term that includes various disciplines. And now,​ yoga is​ more popularly known to​ people as​ a​ form of​ discipline that varies from one concept to​ another. the​ term yoga is​ now also viewed as​ a​ discipline that deals with purely physical abstraction to​ purely spiritual conquest and to​ just about everything in​ between. if​ you are thinking of​ practicing yoga to​ improve your life,​ you must know hoe to​ convert its underlying possibilities to​ your own satisfaction.


If you are really interested with yoga,​ you should be willing to​ learn almost everything about it. First of​ all,​ you should define why you need it.

Some of​ the​ many different styles of​ yoga that being taught and practiced today include “hatha ,​” the​ slow-paced and gentle style; “vinyasa,​” the​ breath-synchronized movement style; “ashtanga,​” the​ fast-paced and intense style of​ yoga practice; “iyengar,​” bodily alignment style,​ “kundalini,​” the​ breath in​ conjunction with physical movement style; and “bikram” or​ “hot yoga” which is​ practiced in​ a​ 95-100 degree room allowing the​ loosening of​ tight muscles and profuse sweating.

Aside from being an​ effective stress and anxiety reducer,​ practicing of​ yoga is​ also proven to​ increase strength,​ create energy,​ build and tone muscles,​ improve focus,​ concentration,​ and posture,​ reduce blood pressure,​ improve memory,​ and relieve pain.

Another basic thing you should know about yoga is​ that it​ requires an​ exertion or​ force through different poses. Done through the​ performance of​ poses,​ most people might think that yoga is​ just about stretching,​ utmost concentration and weird poses. True,​ you see people practicing yoga doing some sort of​ “acrobatic” stunts,​ but those stretching are not just simple flexing of​ muscles: these are creative processes that balance the​ body to​ develop agility,​ flexibility and strength. Since each pose has a​ specific physical benefit,​ the​ poses in​ yoga can be done in​ succession to​ create heat in​ the​ body through movement that will build-up an​ increase in​ stamina.

Going Gaga Over Yoga

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