Give Charming Elegance To Your Home Decorating With The Special Wood Curtain Rods

To provide a​ complete wildlife touch to​ your​ home settings, wood curtain​ rods are the best decorating items. Not only the rods add to​ the beauty of​ the homes but they also hold the curtains in​ a​ unique way. it​ is​ because of​ the perfect fittings of​ the curtains in​ the wood curtain​ rods that the curtains flutter softly and​ gracefully to​ give a​ pleasing aura to​ the rooms.

Technical specialties of​ wood curtain​ rods

The wood curtain​ rods are made of​ walnut, teakwood, mahogany, oak or​ other hardwood that make them durable. The rods usually have a​ tobacco finish and​ the finials of​ the rods are available in​ either small or​ large sizes. The wood rods are available as​ either smooth rods or​ as​ fluted rods. While the smooth rods are usually of​ 1-3/8” diameters, the fluted rods are of​ 2” diameter.

The rods in​ general are available in​ three different lengths of​ 4”, 6” and​ 8”. These are the curtain​ rods for​ normal sizes but if​ it​ is​ a​ non-standard window frame, then you​ cut down the rods to​ specific sizes and​ then use them accordingly. However, if​ you​ need longer than the normal length rods, then use pole connector screws to​ get the necessary length.

Different types of​ wood curtain​ rods

The wood curtain​ rods are available in​ different finishes like historic white, burnished gold, natural white, weathered white, honey maple, matte black, gold, warm oak, gold leaf, lacquered natural, pewter, cherry and​ piano white. you​ can choose one of​ these curtain​ rods that will best suit the style and​ furnishing of​ the rooms.

Brackets in​ the curtain​ rods are very important, for​ they actually hold both the light and​ heavy curtains. The wood curtain​ rods are advantageous, as​ they allow the usage of​ different types of​ brackets like ring brackets, flat brackets, cup ring brackets, double ring brackets, centre support brackets, end caps, extension​ brackets and​ ceiling brackets.

The wood curtain​ rods are truly durable and​ with their variety of​ designs they simply give a​ different yet aesthetic touch to​ your​ home décor ideas.

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