Getting The Most From Your Article Submitter Software

Getting The Most From Your Article Submitter Software

If you​ are serious about Ezine article writing you​ do need an​ article submitter. it​ is,​ in​ fact,​ an​ articles writers most important tool. the​ latest generation are faster,​ have more automatic features,​ and continually update their databases. Article writing has continued to​ increase in​ popularity because the​ once dreaded time consuming submittal chore has been made so easy. Some of​ the​ latest generation article submitters not only submit the​ articles,​ but actually provide software to​ help you​ write the​ article! This almost sounds too good to​ be true,​ but current reviews praise article creator software.

If you​ are reading this article you​ have made a​ choice on​ how to​ drive traffic to​ your website. There are three ways to​ get targeted traffic,​ buy it,​ borrow it,​ or​ create it. Without a​ doubt,​ Ezine article writing does drive targeted traffic to​ your site. Just as​ true is​ the​ fact that Ezine article writing takes more work than the​ other options.

Enter the​ article submitter software program. Without this valuable tool it​ would be physically impossible to​ submit the​ number of​ required articles to​ the​ hundreds of​ article submit sites for the​ needed exposure. you​ enter your article details into the​ software once,​ and then select the​ directories you​ would like to​ submit to. the​ software will automatically fill in​ all of​ the​ submission criteria saving you​ an​ incredible amount of​ time. Another time saver is​ the​ fact that most article submitters come with a​ database of​ article submit sites,​ that is​ continually updated for you. if​ you​ have ever tried to​ compile a​ list on​ your own,​ you​ know that the​ database alone is​ worth much more than the​ cost of​ the​ submitter program!

A word of​ caution here. Do not get involved in​ robot spam type submitter programs or​ companies that do this. This type of​ sloppy submittal is​ frowned upon,​ a​ nuisance to​ the​ submit sites,​ and can get you​ banned from the​ best article sites,​ and even the​ search engines. the​ article submit site provides a​ tremendous exposure for your article,​ and free. you​ owe it​ to​ them to​ be professional,​ login properly,​ submit your article to​ the​ correct category,​ and logout. a​ proper article submitter will do just that,​ saving you​ the​ tedious manual cut and paste time,​ and saving the​ site server time.

Let us look more closely at​ "Quality articles quickly submitted to​ hundreds of​ submit sites is​ the​ key to​ being a​ successful Ezine article writer". Your Ezine article has a​ short life span. Once published,​ it​ has 24 hours on​ the​ "most recent articles" page of​ a​ particular article submit directory. the​ directories main page is​ the​ only page scanned by the​ search engines,​ that increases your SEO. Sadly,​ the​ next day your article has been replaced by many newer articles on​ the​ same subject. After its moment of​ fame has passed it​ will still get read by the​ sites readers,​ and if​ good picked up by other directories and sources needing articles. Recently I wrote a​ travel article that was picked up by several major International tour companies and enjoyed a​ month of​ exposure as​ their featured article of​ the​ month. Some sites accept and publish your article within hours,​ others days,​ weeks,​ or​ even months. Actually this is​ good,​ as​ during the​ time you​ are submitting to​ several hundred sites,​ your article is​ "the most recent" on​ some site. However,​ at​ some point your article will become stale,​ and your website stats will show a​ drop-off in​ visitors. Have your next new article submitted well before this happens.

An article submitter is​ the​ most important tool an​ article writer can have. Why then,​ do article submitter programs draw the​ "penny wise pound foolish" crowd like a​ magnet. Some amusing examples for you. One submitter gives a​ 3 day free trial. Stories abound about the​ users who download the​ program and stay up day and night drinking coffee and making submittals for the​ 3 free days. Another good submitter program gives a​ free trial version with a​ database of​ 85 sites. the​ full version with hundreds of​ sites is​ reasonably priced,​ but most users just stick with the​ free version. I am not a​ gifted psychic,​ but I can guarantee you​ that none of​ these users are making any money from writing and publishing Ezine articles. How do I know that? Quite simple,​ "Quality articles quickly submitted to​ hundreds of​ submit sites is​ the​ key to​ being a​ successful Ezine article writer". Sure,​ not buying the​ article submitter program is​ a​ loss for the​ company,​ but a​ far worse loss for the​ writer by limiting their article exposure,​ the​ very thing that has the​ potential to​ make them money.

As you​ can see,​ the​ two things go hand in​ hand,​ many articles submitted to​ hundreds of​ submit sites. Do not cut corners with your article submitter program,​ it​ is​ the​ key to​ your success. And,​ be sure to​ look into the​ new article creator programs that speed up your article writing. to​ your success!

Getting The Most From Your Article Submitter Software

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