Getting Free Links Search Engine Optimisation For Dummies And Article Writing For High Google Rankings

Getting free links,​ search engine optimization for dummies and article writing for high google rankings
When I​ started my first site selling woven silk ties from the​ UK I​ signed up with a​ SEO company called 123rankings who guaranteed that they would get me into the​ top ten on​ Google for five search terms within six months .​
I​ paid their fees for four months without any noticeable results .​
Then my web developer told me that they used a​ piece of​ software called SEO Elite and had good results,​ he gave me an​ ebook by the​ softwares author a​ SEO expert called Brad Callen,​ you can download a​ pdf copy of​ the​ ebook here and go to​ his website here .​
I​ was shocked at​ how easy it​ was when I​ followed the​ instructions .​
I​ was also surprised at​ how badly the​ SEO company 123rankings I​ had been paying each month had been doing and now do it​ all myself .​
Here are the​ steps I​ went through.
First up was on-page factors,​ which means getting the​ keywords on​ your site right .​
This has only a​ small effect on​ your ranking but is​ important to​ get right .​
First up I​ found that the​ SEO company had changed the​ title page of​ my site and webpages to​ a​ meaningless list of​ keywords most of​ which were not the​ main ones that were selling my ties .​
Not only was this reducing my rankings on​ the​ keywords I​ really wanted,​ but if​ someone did dig deep enough into their google results to​ find me then the​ text that apppeared was a​ meaningless listPrint,​ theme,​ woven polyester,​ cartoon,​ novelty ties and cufflinks .​
that does not include silk ties or​ even tie .​
Instead I​ changed the​ titles back to​ a​ meaningful phrase that would look good in​ google and on​ top of​ my site and would have all the​ right keywords .​
The keyphrases I​ have been targeting are woven silk ties,​ silk ties,​ silk tie,​ English silk tie and UK silk tie .​
My title page now reads .​
Luxury English handmade woven silk ties .​
Satisfaction guaranteed with every tie. .​
This works as​ both a​ sales pitch when coming up in​ search results and contains all my keywords .​
I​ went through all my header tags and keywords and as​ this has just reminded me I​ have just gone through again and made quite a​ few changes based on​ what I​ have learnt over the​ last month .​
This needs to​ be a​ continuous process of​ adding new words,​ creating cross-links across the​ site (to help Google to​ understand your site and to​ get some key sub-pages on​ to​ the​ search engine results) and polishing up the​ text so that it​ converts well with people and looks good to​ the​ search engines .​
I​ also bolded keywords on​ the​ top page and ensured my main search phrases were sprinkled over the​ page with one near the​ top and another near the​ bottom for each key phrase.
The main grunt work in​ search engine optimisation (SEO) is​ getting links .​
Google uses links as​ the​ main factor in​ search results so this is​ the​ key to​ high rankings and therefore free clicks and customers for you .​
Google uses several factors including the​ importance of​ the​ website (Page Rank),​ the​ keywords on​ the​ page,​ the​ title of​ the​ page,​ the​ text your site is​ linked from (known as​ the​ anchor text),​ the​ other links from that page,​ whether your site is​ linked back to​ the​ site that links to​ you (reciprocal links) .​
To assess the​ page rank you need the​ Google Toolbar that you can download here this puts a​ little guage in​ internet explorer that shows you a​ ranking for every page you visit .​
The page rank runs from 0 to​ 10 and if​ it​ is​ greyed out then the​ site is​ not on​ or​ has been banned by Google .​
After four months I​ had got up to​ a​ Page Rank of​ 3.
The first point of​ call for links should be directories,​ by which I​ mean hand-edited lists of​ sites not search engines .​
The key site to​ be registered on​ is​ the​ Open Directory Project at​ .​
My SEO people had registered my tie site with this,​ but had used the​ crappy list of​ keywords above .​
Once I​ corrected my listing I​ gained 30+ places on​ Google on​ some search terms .​
Google and most of​ the​ search engines place a​ high importance on​ the​ ODP and their search results are syndicated out to​ 100's of​ other sites so a​ listing there rapidly spreads .​
Submit your site there now if​ you havent done so already .​
You can also do a​ Google search for more directories and register on​ at​ least all the​ ones specialisting in​ your product.
The next thing to​ do is​ to​ type your target key phrase into Google .​
For me it​ was woven silk ties .​
I​ then picked the​ top ranked site which had a​ Page Rank of​ 5,​ next fire up SEO Elite and type in​ the​ url of​ the​ top ranked site and select analyze backlinks .​
The software will then show all the​ sites that are linked to​ that top ranked site .​
If you can get the​ same links then you will be on​ your way to​ the​ top of​ the​ list too .​
Th software lists them in​ Google Page Rank order so you then simply go to​ each of​ the​ websites in​ turn from best first and submit your site listing or​ submit a​ link exchange request or​ failing those options by far the​ most common approach is​ to​ email them with a​ link exchange request .​
You get the​ best response if​ you add a​ link to​ their site first and then send an​ email like mine:
I run a​ website selling silk ties .​
I​ like your site and am interested in​ link exchanging .​
I​ have added a​ link to​ your site from: I​ would appreciate a​ return link as​ follows: English woven silk ties .​
Every silk tie comes with free worldwide delivery.A few hours doing this gave me 20 or​ so links .​
I​ have also tried searching for tie listings in​ Google and getting listings on​ all the​ sites that came up .​
I​ have also searched for listing sites for markets I​ am interested in​ such as​ weddings .​
I​ sell a​ lot of​ ties for weddings with grooms and ushers often bulk buying and because I​ offer big quantity discounts I​ get quite a​ lot of​ these orders and want more .​
There are also link exchange sites .​
I​ have used used LinkMetro and this site allows you to​ find people to​ exchange links with and it​ helps to​ automate the​ process some what I​ have got 30 links for each of​ my sites with a​ few hours work on​ this site .​
It works particlularly well for my reproduction oil paintings site art specialist .​
I​ have exchanged links with lots of​ art sites,​ poster and print sites and also gifts and birthday sites were both ties and oil paintings make great links that will help my rankings on​ those search terms.
It is​ worth pointing out that pretty much any link exchange is​ worth having although those from high ranking sites count a​ lot higher .​
It makes sense,​ if​ your site is​ linked to​ from the​ front page of​ the​ BBC website (which has a​ page rank of​ 9) then it​ is​ clearly a​ very important site .​
The only links you do not want are those that are greyed out on​ Page Rank these could be banned sites .​
Google bans sites for trying to​ manipulate rankings in​ ways that it​ finds unacceptable .​
If you are linked to​ a​ bad site this will drag your ranking down .​
The SEO Elite tool also allows you to​ view how your website apppears to​ Google by analzying your backlinks,​ showing you the​ keyword ratings this generates and the​ number and rank of​ each site linked to​ yours and listed on​ a​ search engine .​
I​ am currently up to​ 73 links showing in​ this way .​
Which is​ now enough to​ have catapulted me to​ top ten on​ Google,​ MSN and Yahoo for english woven silk ties and UK woven silk ties and top fifty for UK silk ties .​
Now I​ am targeting shorter search phrases .​
To break into the​ top for very competitive phrases you can need hundreds of​ phrases for example a​ guy at​ one of​ the​ internet marketing companies said they had over 17,​000 links .​
But now I​ was adding links at​ the​ rate of​ 30 a​ month to​ each of​ my sites but I​ am after more.
My next step which brought hundreds of​ top quality links was article writing for search engine rankings .​
When I​ started my search engine optimisation I​ was targeting relatively easy phrases to​ get going such as​ English silk ties and uk woven silk ties .​
Initially I​ focused my attention on​ my MSN ranking as​ they do not use site age or​ link age as​ a​ ranking factor unlike the​ others,​ particularly Google which puts a​ high importance on​ link age,​ the​ so called sand box that you are in​ for the​ first six to​ eight months .​
I​ got into the​ habit of​ actively getting link exchanges,​ both by using SEO Elite to​ find good link partners and by using Link Metro.
After less than a​ month I​ had fifty links for my tie website and was starting to​ get top twenties for my easy phrases on​ MSN for example I​ was ranking 14th for English silk ties and 8th for UK Woven Silk Ties whilst for better phrases I​ was not yet on​ the​ first page with woven silk ties (35th) and Silk Ties (245th).
The next boost up the​ rankings was to​ come from article writing .​
I​ discovered that there are lots of​ websites out there that publish articles .​
The search engines rate these sites highly as​ they offer lots of​ content with text heavy pages and are human edited .​
Most article sites let you have hyperlinks in​ your story and all of​ them allow a​ resource box at​ the​ bottom with links to​ your site(s) .​
So if​ you write some articles related to​ the​ product you sell and then post the​ articles on​ many sites,​ you get lots of​ high quality links to​ your site.
First job is​ to​ come up with a​ topic .​
It is​ best to​ write articles related to​ your product,​ how to​ buy it,​ choose it,​ use it,​ reviews etc .​
This means your text and title will have lots of​ related keywords and you may even get some customers from people reading it .​
It shouldnt be too hard to​ come up with a​ few thousand word articles for almost any site .​
For ties for example,​ I​ have articles on​ a​ history of​ ties,​ tie tying and tie cleaning .​
These are on​ my web site and I​ publish them to​ article sites .​
For art,​ I​ am starting to​ write articles on​ buying art to​ use for this purpose .​
You can get ideas and content from searching the​ internet and using sites like wikipedia for facts .​
You can also use the​ article sites for free content to​ add to​ your site .​
Most of​ them allow re-printing of​ an​ article as​ long as​ the​ links and attribution are left in.
The process is​ pretty easy .​
Search in​ Google for submit articles and your topic and then register with each site and submit an​ article .​
It can take a​ couple of​ weeks for each article to​ get reviewed and published .​
Sometimes I​ get emails saying article rejected and the​ reason .​
The reason is​ usually something to​ do with links or​ overly commercial content,​ but I​ simply make edits to​ address their point and then re-submit .​
If you submit a​ number of​ articles spaced out by a​ month between each one across 100's of​ article sites then you can build up a​ lot of​ links that will do wonders for your ranking.
After I​ had done this about ten times I wondered if​ there was tool that might help,​ and found Article Submitter Pro this is​ a​ pretty cool tool that semi-automates the​ process .​
It has more than 700 article sites in​ it's directory and using a​ window in​ the​ tool you can sort the​ sites by Page Rank and starting with the​ best sites register with each one and record the​ log in​ info in​ the​ tool .​
Then when you want to​ submit an​ article you enter it​ into the​ program and it​ takes you one by one to​ each of​ the​ sites and auto-fills in​ all the​ boxes with your login and then the​ article,​ biography and resource text .​
It keeps track of​ which articles you have submitted to​ which sites and helps to​ keep it​ all organized .​
Using Article Submitter Pro I​ can submit to​ a​ 100+ sites in​ a​ few hours which I​ do as​ a​ once a​ week task .​
After three weeks of​ article submission I​ am up to​ top fives for my easy phrases on​ MSN for example I​ am ranking 1st for English silk ties and 3rd for UK Woven Silk Ties whilst for better phrases I​ am now on​ the​ first page with woven silk tie (3rd) and silk tie (4th) and silk ties (25th) .​
The results are really good so I​ am going to​ keep on​ publishing articles.
If you want to​ make pdf's of​ your articles for your other sites then try here at​ PDF Converter the​ PDF Forum there offers information for people looking to​ learn more about using PDF.

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