Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair Your Own Way

Unwanted hair on​ the​ face or​ on​ the​ body affects a​ huge number of​ women. Some women are likely to​ develop hair growth where they don’t want it​ usually during the​ onset of​ their puberty period. Unwanted hairs are usually specific traits that are inherited,​ through families or​ races.

I. Ways to​ Get Rid of​ Hair:

1. Shaving

This is​ done either through electric razors or​ a​ disposable razor held by hand,​ that can give about three dozen of​ smooth shaves. Applying a​ shaving cream on​ wet skin will be helpful in​ achieving a​ smooth appearance. While this method is​ very fast,​ easy and painless,​ the​ results are brief; usually will last 2 - 3 days. New hair growth can be bristly giving you​ rough and even legs that are painful to​ the​ touch. Avoid razor burns:

- Always shave with a​ new blade.
- Shave thoroughly,​ applying as​ little pressure as​ possible,​ paying special attention to​ the​ curves.
- Wash off shaving cream with cold water.
- Apply an​ aftershave.
- Pat with a​ towel to​ dry the​ area well.
- Smooth on​ lotion to​ skin.

2. Waxing:

Waxing is​ a​ method of​ epilation,​ meaning the​ hair is​ plucked from beneath the​ surface of​ the​ skin. the​ results of​ waxing can lasts long for​ several weeks. Waxing involves two techniques,​ warm and cold waxing. Both can be easily done at​ home with the​ use of​ waxing kits. Warm waxing is​ usually performed in​ a​ salon and more effective compared to​ cold waxing. Pain is​ dependent to​ each individual’s threshold. Hand pressure is​ applied so discomfort can be minimized. the​ waxed area will remain red for​ a​ few hours.

- in​ a​ warmer,​ wax is​ heated until it​ melts.
- Using a​ spatula,​ the​ warmed wax is​ then applied to​ the​ skin.
- a​ paper or​ cloth strip is​ positioned over the​ wax until cooled.
- the​ cooled wax becomes slightly hard and the​ strip is​ pulled to​ the​ direction opposite the​ hair growth.

3. Depilatory Creams:

These creams work by dissolving the​ hair on​ the​ surface of​ the​ skin,​ which normally takes ten to​ fifteen minutes. it​ is​ applied to​ the​ skin and leaving it​ for​ a​ few minutes then washed off using a​ towel or​ a​ sponge. With this method,​ hair can grow back as​ fast as​ shaving and some depilatory creams have unpleasant odors. Chemical depilatories are mainly used for​ the​ under arms,​ arms and legs. Using it​ on​ the​ face will cause irritations unless it​ is​ stated in​ the​ label that it​ is​ safe for​ the​ face. Thin hairs are damaged faster than thick ones; therefore these creams may be not effective on​ certain areas of​ the​ body and in​ some individuals. When applying the​ cream for​ the​ first time,​ test it​ first by rubbing a​ small amount onto an​ area of​ the​ skin. Wait for​ a​ few minutes and see if​ it​ causes a​ reaction on​ your skin. if​ it​ does,​ do not use it. Read and follow the​ instructions carefully,​ the​ manufacture has provided instructions for​ safety. Do not leave the​ cream on​ your skin longer than what the​ label says for​ it​ could irritate your skin.

4. Electrolysis

This method is​ done by destroying the​ roots of​ the​ hair with an​ electric current,​ thereby loosening the​ hair follicles,​ and removing it​ with tweezers. This is​ a​ simple process where a​ very thin needle that is​ electrically charged is​ inserted into the​ hair follicle,​ where the​ hair is​ coming out. the​ follicle is​ then zapped with electricity and destroyed.

5. Laser

Hair must be in​ a​ growing stage during this treatment,​ reason why laser is​ done on​ a​ few sessions. All follicles are always not on​ the​ same phase and all not at​ the​ same time and each stage or​ phase of​ hair growth can last from two to​ six months. Growth,​ regression and resting are the​ stages of​ hair growth. This method disables the​ ability of​ the​ follicle to​ make more hair. the​ stage growth and hair darkness will determine how many sessions is​ required to​ get rid of​ all unwanted hairs. Once the​ session is​ finished though,​ one could go on​ for​ life without unwanted hairs.

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