Get High Return With Free Crm Customer Relationship Software

Get High Return With Free Crm Customer Relationship Software

Get High Return with Free CRM: Customer Relationship Software
CRM,​ or​ Customer Relationship Management Software,​ return on​ investment has not materialized .​
Interviews with companies that failed to​ deploy CRM effectively gleaned this:
1. CRM was rushed in​ as​ the​ Next Best Thing .​
2. Excessive license fees and implementation costs .​
3. Endless implementation time lines .​
4. Technology complex deployment .​
5. Organizational upheaval .​
6. Poor adoption rates .​
7. No real collaboration or​ communication with channels .​
8. Elusive payback .​
9. No after installation reconsideration of​ goals .​
10. Unnecessary customization,​ including replication of​ legacy systems .​
11. CRM simply mirrors existing,​ inefficient business practices .​
12. Organizations unable to​ conform to​ best practices .​
13. Failure of​ management to​ ask How do we want to​ run sales?
14. Inexperienced trainers .​
15. Too much focus on​ current IT rather than business problem .​
16. Lack of​ executive sponsorship .​
17. Systems are complex and hard to​ learn .​
18. Companies are over optimistic when evaluating capabilities .​
19. Training is​ in-effective .​
Your personal favorite may not be on​ the​ list .​
But one thing these reasons tend to​ have in​ common is​ that they emphasize the​ R – return side of​ the​ equation .​
It’s astonishing that no one states the​ obvious: a​ major reason CRM ROI has been so bad is​ due to​ the​ I​ being high to​ begin with and higher as​ the​ system is​ implemented,​ administered and maintained .​
This number is​ just way too big! Similarly,​ there is​ little attention that typical implementation takes months and that the​ cost of​ implementation services is​ often five or​ more times the​ cost of​ the​ software .​
Any one of​ these factors would be enough to​ cause misgivings about investing in​ an​ expensive CRM tool.
Why Pay High CRM Fees
The suffering Companies are paying 65 USD to​ well over 100USD per user per month,​ and receive no value .​
High fees put high pressure on​ the​ organization to​ force progress which may take time .​
Professional open source businesses are deploying alternatives to​ high priced CRM .​
This low or​ no cost software model lets the​ organization breathe; to​ gain value,​ to​ improve the​ deployment methods,​ training and support,​ creating user value and user adoption .​
Open source Community software is​ a​ strong alternative to​ high priced software .​
CRM offerings,​ with high functionality and none of​ the​ pricing pressure,​ can be had for Free of​ very low cost .​
Remarkably,​ there is​ a​ free lunch; the​ open versions offer in​ many cases better functionality,​ more flexibility and higher usability.
Smart companies,​ part of​ a​ vibrant open source community,​ offer value added services to​ ensure CRM success; extensive user training programs and strong user support structures .​
This training,​ for fee,​ is​ onsite,​ web based,​ video and hard copy documentation,​ this support structure is​ live chat,​ forums,​ phone,​ and wikis .​
Communities are built to​ share best practices and even private forums are built for single companies .​
In doing this,​ CRM companies are breaking the​ shackles of​ high software cost and quickly delivering best of​ breed,​ CRM functionality which can be had for FREE .​
No software expense .​
The open source community changes the​ math in​ the​ ROI equation .​
The return is​ high because the​ investment is​ low.

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