Gentlemen Guys Actually Do Yoga

Gentlemen Guys Actually Do Yoga

Let’s face it,​ at​ its first mention; Yoga might not come off as​ the​ most masculine exercise. But that’s just it-at its first mention. When you delve deeper into it,​ you will realize nothing could be further from the​ truth.

More males are discovering this and consequently more American men are now flocking to​ the​ yoga mats where once,​ it​ seemed,​ only women dared to​ tread. However the​ irony is​ in​ India where it​ originated,​ it​ wasn’t until recently that women were even allowed to​ practice yoga-that with restrictions still applied at​ times.

Men now make up 25 percent of​ America's 17 million enthusiasts and this figure is​ increasing steadily. Perhaps it​ may be because several successful men in​ various walks of​ life attest to​ Yoga’s efficiency and openly advocate its practice.

Take Hip-Hop entrepreneur,​ Russell Simmons for example,​ when I read he practiced Yoga (just like Sting,​ Quincy Jones and Woody Harrelson),​ it​ further increased my belief that in​ no time perhaps NOT practicing Yoga will be seen as​ strange.

Okay,​ maybe I overstated that,​ however,​ for Simmons (someone viewed as​ a​ pioneer in​ such a​ masculine and testosterone driven lifestyle known as​ Hip-Hop) to​ openly show off his Yoga Skills in​ a​ recent issue of​ the​ popular Yoga Journal Magazine,​ don’t be surprised if​ more ‘cats’ start following suit.

This may happen a​ lot faster as​ I once read in​ an​ article online that the​ successful coach of​ the​ Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers,​ Phil Jackson,​
often uses Yoga Philosophies in​ the​ training of​ both teams.

It had to​ have been effective if​ it​ led to​ the​ Bulls being 3-time Champions and the​ Lakers winning their first championship in​ 12 years back in​ 2000,​ both under his guidance.
Now most men who practice yoga tend to​ favor the​ more athletic,​ fast-moving styles such as​ Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Personally,​ I bow to​ the​ simple yet powerful Sun Salutations common to​ the​ Sivananda style of​ Yoga.
I showed this routine and some other balancing poses to​ a​ couple of​ friends once and these tough workout animals were shocked at​ how strenuous yoga can be.
They discovered that holding the​ asanas (or poses) such as​ the​ peacock pose,​ builds strength-not the​ brute strength of​ a​ power lifter but the​ tensile strength of​ a​ martial-arts master.
Several pro-athletes such as​ the​ Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George,​
Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe,​ Oakland A's pitcher ace Barry Zito,​ NBA superstar Kevin Garnett and PGA standouts Ty Tyron and David Duval have all at​ some point attested to​ this fact.

Either way it​ goes,​ Yoga is​ being rediscovered on​ an​ almost daily basis by men as​ indeed being ‘the’ way to​ go as​ far as​ exercise; sometimes exclusively,​ oft-times in​ combination with more common forms of​ fitness regimens.

So fellas,​ if​ you are you stilled not convinced this isn’t just a​ ‘girl’s exercise,​ do this,​ go to​ your favorite search engine,​ type up one of​ the​ following: the​ Peacock,​ 4-limbed or​ wheel pose.

Try either one for a​ full minute and you will be shocked-like my hard as​ nails friend once said-to discover that “Yoga ain’t no joke!”

Gentlemen,​ ‘real’ dudes indeed do practice Yoga.

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