Gator Pond New Entertainment Group

Gator Pond New Entertainment Group

GatorPond Entertainment Group, Inc. announced a​ new next-generation​ community-empowered Media Trading service that enables passionate Movie, Video Game and​ Music fans to​ easily trade the media they love with like-minded consumers, and​ best of​ all the media is​ yours to​ keep, unless you​ decide to​ trade it​ again​ for​ something else.  GatorPond has pioneered a​ new consumer-driven retailing model that offers fans access, through the sale of​ a​ monthly membership, to​ an​ ever-growing catalog of​ media allowing them to​ trade the movies, games and​ CDs they already have for​ what they want. We market our program mainly through Affiliates.
     The GatorPond service will be powered by who are headquartered in​ Farnham, Surrey, England. They are the company's software development/technology partners and​ shareholders.
    GatorPond’s service offers individual Sales Affiliates and​ Not-for-Profit organizations a​ unique opportunity to​ join​ the exciting entertainment industry either as​ a​ fun hobby, a​ part time income source or, a​ serious full-time money making venture.
    in​ addition​ to​ the main​ operation​ in​ the United States, the GatorPond program will be entering Canada, The United Kingdom and​ South Africa by May of​ this​ year and​ will be operational in​ over 40 countries over the next 24 months. it​ is​ anticipated that by 2018, over 3 million​ families will be Members worldwide. The international expansion​ plans are both methodical and​ deliberate.
    Founded by industry innovators, entrepreneurs and​ international business people Larry and​ Catherine Favalora, Deaven and​ Linda Butler, Paul and​ Liz Jones and​ Arthur Kendall, GatorPond draws on​ the power of​ peer relationships and​ shared interests of​ its seller community. With this​ "concentric" retail model, GatorPond provides families with the ability to​ save significantly on​ their entertainment purchases while at​ the same shifting a​ portion​ of​ the entertainment dollars already being spent by families to​ schools, youth groups, church groups, sports teams and​ community centered programs in​ their own area. Our tagline tells the story, “Trade what you​ have, for​ what you​ want. TM”
 "We are introducing to​ the typical consumer who buys games, music and​ movies a​ store where they can earn money for​ themselves and​ for​ the Non-Profit Organizations they feel passionate about. We wanted to​ create a​ business model where people can save money and​ make money at​ the same time. The creation​ of​ GatorPond means a​ serious income stream for​ the average person​ and​ huge fundraising potential for​ local not-for-profit groups," said Larry Favalora, co-founder, Chairman and​ CEO of​ GatorPond.  "this​ is​ a​ unique opportunity for​ anyone who has ever dreamed of​ becoming a​ part of​ the entertainment industry as​ well. GatorPond provides them with a​ platform to​ run a​ significant, international business and​ have fun being in​ the mix with their favorite bands, actors and​ artists."
    "GatorPond has really defined a​ new marketing channel for​ the entertainment industry," said Deaven Butler, co-founder, president and​ CCO. "We are expanding the sphere of​ influence for​ these media and​ connecting people to​ it​ in​ a​ more meaningful way. The entertainment industry has spent years making entertainment for​ the marketplace, but GatorPond creates a​ marketplace for​ the entertainment."
   Added GatorPond co-founder and​ president of​, Arthur Kendall, "The entertainment industry has used street team marketing for​ years, encouraging passionate fans to​ personally endorse the entertainers and​ artists they love in​ their communities. We are taking it​ to​ the next level by enabling fans through our system and​ unique technology to​ complete the transaction​ by actually selling and​ trading their media as​ well."
   “My heart is​ to​ empower people, and​ to​ create for​ them and​ for​ Not-for-Profit groups new sources of​ income by shifting money already spent in​ people’s budgets while saving the family money as​ well,” said Favalora, “this​ model of​ Affiliate Marketing has been proven successful by every web site selling products and​ services all over the world. Look at​ sites like Wal-Mart, Sharper Image, Brookstone, Lord&Taylor and​ others — they all sell millions and​ millions of​ dollars a​ year through Affiliate Marketing. We are going to​ increase entertainment sales while making a​ difference at​ the same time. I wake up every morning thanking God for​ such a​ great opportunity.”
GatorPond offers an​ Affiliate URL (address) to​ the main​ web site that allows each of​ our Affiliates to​ market and​ promote our memberships. it​ even facilitates the signing up of​ others to​ join​ as​ an​ Affiliate as​ well and​ become part of​ the GatorPond retailer community.  Participants may join​ by getting on​ the site and​ click the “Affiliate” button​ at​ the bottom of​ the page. There is​ NO CHARGE to​ become an​ Affiliate with GatorPond. They just sign-up, and​ they will immediately receive an​ e-mail that informs them of​ their own web site URL (address). The new business owner/Affiliate is​ ready to​ begin. Once an​ Affiliate receives their own URL they are able to​ become their own first customer and​ start selling memberships and​ trading immediately.
    The GatorPond shared compensation​ model takes the best elements of​ the multi-billion​ dollar a​ year affiliate marketing model used by such technology and​ internet retail leaders as​ Amazon, eBay and​ Google, Wal-Mart, Target, Sharper Image and​ thousands of​ others, and​ combines them with the most effective strategies of​ the multi-trillion​ dollar entertainment industry to​ create a​ new concept we call “Shared Marketing”. The GatorPond sales model is​ focused on​ promoting the sale of​ memberships to​ its service therefore enabling its retailers and​ Not-for-Profit Partners to​ receive compensation​ from creating multiple points of​ retail distribution.
   GatorPond is​ also in​ negotiations with several of​ the top music downloading companies in​ the world where, very shortly, our members will also be able to​ download on​ to​ their iPod, or​ other digital music devises, all the music, music videos (and​ in​ the near future, movies as​ well) as​ they wish. There will be an​ earned revenue share on​ that product as​ well. We will also have the availability to​ purchase concert tickets, athletic event tickets, opera, ballet and​ other entertainment venue tickets from your​ GatorPond web site as​ well — all offering revenue sharing.
   About GatorPond

   GatorPond is​ the first, next-generation, community-empowered entertainment-focused company of​ its kind that enables fans to​ discover and​ enjoy their favorite artists and​ entertainers, as​ well as​ operate their own on-line entertainment stores and​ evangelize the music, movies and​ games they love.  Through this​ innovative model, GatorPond provides entertainment production​ companies with a​ new fan-driven, “grassroots”, loyal promotional channel.

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