Garden Ponds They Are Not To Difficult To Install

Garden Ponds They Are Not To Difficult To Install

if​ you’ve got a​ big garden, then it​ can be difficult to​ decide what to​ put in​ it. a​ shed? a​ swing? a​ hammock? a​ little vegetable patch, maybe? What you​ might not have considered, though, is​ that you​ could make part of​ your​ garden into a​ pond.

A garden pond is​ not too difficult to​ install – in​ its simplest form, it’s just a​ big hole that you’ve dug out and​ then filled with water. One you’ve got a​ pond, though, you​ can put all sorts of​ things in​ it, such as​ all kinds of​ aquatic plants and​ ornamental rocks.

if​ you​ put in​ a​ simple filtration​ system to​ keep the water clean and​ oxygenated, you​ can even keep some kinds of​ fish in​ your​ pond. Goldfish are a​ popular choice, but any fish will do as​ long as​ it​ is​ nice-looking and​ can survive in​ a​ wide variety of​ climates – most fish that can survive in​ a​ non-temperature-controlled tank will be just fine, but do check. you​ may also find that other wildlife starts to​ turn up on​ its own after a​ while, especially frogs and​ small turtles, although this​ is​ much more likely to​ happen if​ there are already ponds nearby.

One thing to​ beware of, though, is​ larger wildlife that might turn up uninvited and​ spoil your​ fun. Fish in​ garden ponds can attract all sorts of​ animals, especially fish-eating birds like herons. Even domestic cats can sometimes be a​ danger to​ your​ pond fish!

Apart from animals, you​ can lots of​ other interesting features to​ your​ pond, particularly if​ it​ is​ a​ large one – waterfalls are very popular, as​ are fountains. you​ should consider, however, what effect these features could potentially have on​ your​ pond wildlife, and​ check that they are safe before you​ install them.

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