Garden Leaf Blower Maintenance

To keep your​ leaf blower in​ tip top condition​ and​ to​ maximise the life and​ reliability of​ your​ leaf blower, it​ is​ vital to​ service it​ regularly. Here are a​ some guidelines and​ tips that will help you​ maintain​ your​ leaf blower in​ good working order.

Daily Checks on​ your​ Leaf Blower

• Clean the external surface of​ the machine with a​ cloth.

• Make sure that the throttle lock and​ the throttle trigger function​ safely.

• Ensure that the stop switch is​ working properly.

• Check the housings, and​ make sure they are free of​ cracks.

• Make sure that the collection​ bag is​ intact and​ that the zipper is​ working.

• Make sure that all nuts and​ screws are tightened properly .

• Give the filter a​ good clean and​ replace it​ if​ necessary.

Weekly Checks on​ your​ Leaf Blower

• Check that the starter device, the starter cord and​ the tensioning spring are all still in​ good condition.

• Ensure that the air intake at​ the starter device is​ in​ good condition. Remove any debris or​ dirt from it, make sure it's not clogged.

• Give the outside of​ the spark plug a​ good clean, and​ unscrew it​ and​ check the electrode gap. Re-adjust this​ gap to​ (0.020”) 0.5 mm, if​ required, or​ change the spark plug.

• Make sure that none of​ the anti-vibration​ mountings are broken or​ damaged.

• Clean or​ change the muffler’s spark arrest screen (not on​ mufflers with a​ catalytic

• Give the fan blades on​ the flywheel a​ good clean.

• Clean the carburetor space.

• Give the air filter a​ good clean or​ replace it​ if​ necessary.

Monthly Checks on​ your​ Leaf Blower

• Flush through the fuel tank with clean gasoline. Remember to​ dispose of​ this​ safely!

• Give the outside of​ the carburetor and​ the space around it​ a​ good clean.

• Do the same for​ the fan blades on​ the flywheel and​ the space around it.

• Check the fuel line and​ filter, and​ replace them, if​ required.

• Check that all the cables and​ their connections are in​ good condition.

• Change the spark plug.

• Examine and​ clean the muffler’s spark arrest screen if​ required (only mufflers with a
catalytic converter).

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