Fun Thanksgiving Decorations That Make Your Holiday Special

Thanksgiving is​ a​ time in​ which we remember the people in​ our lives that are special to​ us. this​ year take the time to​ decorate your​ home in​ honor of​ this​ very special holiday.

you​ can show your​ friends and​ family just how much they mean to​ you​ this​ Thanksgiving season. Here are a​ few decorations that will make this​ Thanksgiving one that will be remembered for​ many years to​ come.

Make your​ Thanksgiving table a​ thing of​ beauty with a​ table runner with gold, browns, or​ burnt orange colors. Emboss the table runner with stamps in​ fruit and​ nut shapes or​ use iron-on​ decals to​ decorate your​ table runner.

Buy several pillar candles in​ one solid color and​ place each on​ silk fall leaves. Group your​ candles in​ various heights and​ place a​ few nuts or​ small gourds at​ the base of​ the candles for​ a​ special fall look.

Decorate your​ Thanksgiving buffet table with fresh fruits, vegetables, and​ nuts in​ brass or​ silver bowls and​ baskets. you​ can also use artificial fruits and​ vegetables if​ you​ want to​ keep your​ beautiful buffet table in​ place for​ several weeks or​ the entire month.

Make garlands from leaves, fruits, berries, and​ fall colored ribbons to​ hang from doorways and​ any place you​ would normally hang a​ Christmas garland. you​ can also purchase bundles of​ wheat and​ tie wide, wire-edged ribbon​ around the center and​ hang from your​ fireplace and​ on​ doors.

Make place cards for​ every member of​ the family and​ any other visitors you​ may be entertaining and​ include a​ note to​ each written inside the place card of​ why you​ are thankful for​ that person​ and​ what they mean in​ your​ life. your​ guests and​ family members will be touched by your​ thoughtfulness and​ the effort you​ made to​ make them feel special.

Think of​ all the places you​ decorate with reds and​ greens at​ Christmas and​ instead place fall colors and​ Thanksgiving decorations that you​ can purchase in​ your​ local discount or​ hobby store. These simple ideas will transform your​ house and​ make your​ guests thankful for​ you.

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