Fruit For Though How Grape Juice Can Help Keep Us Mentally On Track

Fruit For Though How Grape Juice Can Help Keep Us Mentally on​ Track
Weve all heard that drinking wine is​ good for us,​ but what about those who are on​ medication and​ just cant indulge in​ alcohol? Well,​ according the​ experts,​ nonfermented Concord grapes may be just as​ healthy for you,​ especially when it​ comes to​ our aging brains. ​
In fact new studies suggest that drinking a​ healthy amount of​ unadulterated Concord grape juice can help us healthy by keeping our bodies laden with important antioxidants and​ our minds limber and​ our memories on​ track.
Recent research shows that grape juice given to​ lab rats who were approaching the​ end of​ their life span enhanced their cognitive and​ motor abilities and​ skills. ​
The researchers placed laboratory animals under a​ significant series of​ tests focusing on​ their shortterm memory and​ their neuromotor skills. ​
What they found,​ was that the​ majority of​ the​ tests conducted revealed ample improvement or​ a​ trend toward substantial improvement in​ these essential areas that also significantly affect humans as​ they age.
These experiments,​ addressing our continually and​ increasingly aging population people these days can look forward to​ enjoying a​ healthy life,​ up into their 80s and​ beyond,​ with a​ new standard reaching the​ 100 year mark,​ seek to​ determine better ways for individuals to​ grow old gracefully and​ maintain their mental and​ physical abilities and​ skills.
Experts go on​ to​ add that although these tests and​ findings are currently in​ the​ preliminary stages,​ they assert that much previous research has identified red,​ concord grapes as​ containing essential antioxidants that are beneficial for our health for a​ vast variety of​ reasons,​ including lowering cholesterol,​ and​ warding off serious ailments such as​ certain types of​ cancers. ​
Now,​ drinking Concord grape juice is​ gaining notoriety for it​ seeming potential to​ help retard the​ mental and​ physical deterioration process that generally has been associated with aging.

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