French Translators And French Learning Software

French Translators And French Learning Software

Using French learning software and French translators can be a​ very good option for those who want to​ learn to​ French but are short on​ time. TopTenREVIEWS has selected the​ best French Translators and French Learning Software programs,​ based on​ criteria including Feature Set,​ such as​ touch,​ sight,​ and sound; Ease of​ Use and Installation; Help/Documentation and technical support; Fundamentals; and Effectiveness.

French Before you​ Know It: This French learning tool is​ a​ flashcard program created by Transparent,​ which is​ designed to​ help users develop their French Vocabulary and retain certain words and phrases,​ with a​ bit of​ entertainment thrown in. Main features include speech recording software which evaluates French pronunciation,​ several flashcard modes,​ French spelling practice,​ vocabulary building and writing tools,​ etc. French Before you​ Know it​ is​ priced at​ $39.95.

FrenchNow Deluxe: This is​ a​ French language program that allows you​ listen to​ live conversations,​ read articles,​ and watch videos from France. Since this is​ an​ immersion program,​ you​ need to​ have a​ little knowledge of​ French before using it. Main features include a​ French Pronunciation Tool,​ which allows you​ to​ compare your pronunciations with that of​ a​ native speaker; grammar and writing tools,​ featuring a​ global writer to​ help you​ write and spell-check in​ French; and GrammarPro,​ a​ series of​ grammar tutorials and quizzes. FrenchNow Deluxe is​ priced at​ $39.95.

Instant Immersion French: This French learning tool comes with a​ 5 CD package that includes Talk Now French,​ Talk More French,​ World Talk French,​ a​ mystery game,​ and an​ interactive picture dictionary. Instant Immersion French focuses on​ listening comprehension to​ understand French words and pronunciations,​ features a​ comprehensive glossary and dictionary,​ French vocabulary building tools,​ voice to​ voice comparison,​ and more. the​ package is​ priced at​ $29.99.

Learn to​ Speak French Deluxe: Learn to​ Speak French incorporates certain features that make learning French and its fundamentals easier,​ such as​ built-in pretest that evaluates your current French level; progress tests to​ see how much you’ve learned; simulated French conversations to​ test your conversation skills; writing and speech recognition; and multiple accounts for the​ family. Learn to​ Speak French Deluxe is​ priced at​ $19.99.

TeachMe! French: TeachMe! French uses the​ blackboard method of​ teaching,​ and includes four main categories - French pronunciation,​ French grammar,​ French vocabulary,​ and French stories. the​ program also features three different modes - Normal Mode,​ for advanced French learners; Auto Word Mode,​ for beginners; and Game Mode,​ with focus on​ French culture and history. TeachMe! French is​ priced at​ $27.50.

Rosetta Stone French: Developed by Fairfield Language Technologies,​ Rosetta Stone French mainly focuses on​ vocabulary building,​ and helps you​ learn French by image and word association. This language program features thousands of​ pictures to​ represent a​ broad French vocabulary,​ adjustable writing program,​ speech recognition software,​ etc. Help is​ content-sensitive,​ and every screen has a​ help button,​ while every page has a​ guided tutorial. Rosetta Stone French is​ priced at​ $195.

Tell Me More French: This French language software is​ the​ TopTenREVIEWS’s Choice Gold Award Winner,​ designed to​ designed to​ grow with you​ as​ you​ learn French. the​ program features three main modes - Guided Mode,​ for beginners; Free-to-Roam Mode,​ for intermediates; and Dynamic Mode,​ for experts. the​ speech recognition software can evaluate pronunciation,​ and automatically detect and correct errors. Another notable feature is​ the​ 3-D animation program to​ illustrate exact lip and mouth movements. Tell Me More French is​ priced at​ $195.

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