Freelance Writing From Home The Drawbacks

Freelance Writing From Home The Drawbacks

The life of​ a​ freelance writer isn’t all glitz and glamour. Before you take the​ plunge into freelance writing at​ your work-at home career choice,​ there are a​ few things to​ consider. While you can work from home earning money in​ your pajamas,​ there are negatives to​ this career choice. Here’s a​ list of​ ten of​ the​ common drawbacks of​ freelance writing.

1. No sick days. Sometimes you have to​ work while you’re sick. if​ you don’t,​ you lose money and maybe a​ client. Clients aren’t very forgiving unless you have a​ solid relationship with them and even then,​ sometimes their deadline is​ more important to​ them than your health and well being.

2. No medical benefits,​ a​ 401K or​ even a​ guaranteed income. You have to​ pay your own taxes too. This can make budgeting tricky when you take the​ plunge into freelance writing for a​ living,​ especially if​ you’re the​ main breadwinner in​ your house.

3. Pay day is​ not guaranteed. You may go from famine to​ feast and then famine again regularly and payday doesn’t come every second Friday so it​ can be a​ tricky balancing act,​ especially in​ the​ early days.

4. Juggling deadlines and family responsibilities can be challenging at​ times. You may have to​ give certain parties and events a​ miss because you have a​ deadline. You may feel conflicted at​ times when you have to​ let the​ laundry or​ dirty dishes pile up so you can finish an​ assignment. You may have to​ learn write with a​ crying baby on​ your lap.

5. Chasing payments isn’t fun. There are customers who aren’t as​ eager to​ pay you as​ they are to​ take your hard work. Sometimes people don’t pay on​ time or​ try to​ short pay or​ not pay at​ all. You have to​ develop skills to​ protect yourself and may have to​ act as​ your own collections agent part-time.

6. Freelancers can have regular work,​ one-off gigs and can have a​ great paying regular deal that might suddenly disappear. the​ well can dry up regularly so you have to​ keep a​ constant lookout for work.

7. Reworking and multiple edits. You can slave over something for a​ client and they might hate it. You have to​ take criticism and might have to​ deliver work you don’t think is​ as​ well written after your client asks for changes. You need to​ develop a​ tough skin in​ this business.

8. Projects can be difficult to​ estimate. You can underestimate prep time and working time for a​ project and find that it​ has lost you money in​ the​ end. This can be difficult but until you’re very experienced,​ it​ will probably happen.

9. Sploggers,​ spammers and scrapers are rampant in​ online markets and want to​ steal your work and benefit from it! Be prepared to​ be plagiarized.

10. You have to​ have a​ really good eye for scams. When trying to​ establish yourself,​ it’s a​ learning process and many new writers are scammed a​ few times before they become wise to​ all the​ tricks and signs of​ a​ scam.

Regardless of​ the​ negatives listed here,​ freelance writing can also be a​ great gig that can earn you money,​ offer a​ flexible home based business and can be personally fulfilling if​ you love to​ write. With time and experience,​ you’ll find you are able to​ better deal with the​ downsides of​ writing for a​ living.

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