Free Web Site Promotion By Writing Articles

Free Web Site Promotion By Writing Articles.
As anyone with a​ web site knows,​ site promotion and search engine visibility are very important .​
The way you go about achieving search engine visibility is​ up to​ you,​ but there is​ a​ way of​ getting quick results that most people overlook .​
Most people will concentrate their efforts on​ search engine optimization and once the​ site is​ ready for business,​ some paid advertising .​
Paid advertising has one major failing,​ after a​ certain period of​ time,​ or​ clicks etc you have to​ pay again or​ else your advert is​ removed and the​ traffic it​ was generating stops. .​
In my opinion there is​ a​ better way than paid advertising .​
It is​ 'reprint articles' .​
What's that? Quite simply it​ means that you write an​ article about almost anything you know,​ consisting of​ around 600 to​ 1200 words,​ and then you 'release' it​ for other people to​ use .​
That may seem like a​ lot of​ words to​ write,​ but once you get started it​ is​ often harder to​ keep the​
You are probably asking yourself how writing an​ article can boost traffic to​ your web site .​
The article needs to​ hold the​ readers attention so they are interested in​ clicking your link when they have finished reading it .​
The link back to​ your web site at​ the​ bottom of​ your article does most of​ the​ work .​
( Ding! ) When your article is​ used by web site owners your link popularity can increase quite quickly .​
The more links there are pointing to​ your web site,​ the​ higher your site will rank in​ the​ search engines,​ and that will certainly help to​ bring in​ traffic .​
Search engines use your 'link popularity' as​ an​ important factor when working out how high your site will rank .​
For example,​ you could have 50 well written and search engine optimized pages making up your site,​ but if​ no one links to​ it,​ how are the​ search engines to​ know if​ your site is​ any good? They use link popularity as​ a​ gauge of​ human interest in​ the​ contents of​ your site .​
The more links you have pointing to​ your site the​ higher the​ human interest supposedly is,​ and as​ such the​ search engines reward that with higher ranking,​ which in​ turn gets you more traffic.
So how do you get more links from an​ article that you have written? the​ best way is​ to​ pay someone to​ distribute it​ for you .​
Hang on,​ that sounds a​ lot like advertising! And it​ is​ very similar .​
But it​ is​ advertising that doesn't expire,​ and it​ can actually get more effective with time .​
Once again,​ the​ reason for that is​ quite simple,​ and it​ goes something like this .​
When you promote an​ article using a​ paid service,​ you can usually get your article available to​ hundreds or​ even thousands of​ 'ezines' or​ web sites that use reprint articles .​
That can give your site hundreds of​ new inbound links which can raise your sites link popularity very quickly .​
I​ should point out that you actually are releasing your article 'into the​ wild' of​ the​ internet,​ in​ the​ hope that a​ small percentage of​ people that read it,​ will copy it​ in​ full and post it​ on​ their web site .​
From there it​ can only be seen by more people,​ with even more chances for it​ to​ be copied or​ clicked on​ .​
Every time your article gets 'picked up' by another web site,​ you get another inbound link .​
Cool .​
Try doing that with an​ advert! It just won't happen! Articles do not usually have a​ use by date,​ and even if​ they are archived,​ they still function as​ a​ link to​ your site .​
That's because the​ archived articles are still spidered by search engines so you are still getting link popularity for them .​
Of course this method works even better if​ you regularly release an​ article in​ this way,​ for building a​ following of​ your articles is​ a​ sure way to​ get even more visitors to​ your site .​
Don't forget that your articles can be about anything,​ it​ is​ the​ link at​ the​ bottom that helps your site to​ prosper .​
The more informative,​ funny,​ or​ relevant your article is,​ the​ higher its chances are of​ being used .​
Do not include profanity,​ racist remarks and the​ like,​ because they will not do your web sites reputation any good at​ all .​
Some article publishers will refuse to​ use your articles if​ there is​ a​ single swear word in​ it .​
Also bear in​ mind that you are writing an​ article,​ NOT an​ advert,​ so it​ must not read like an​ advert! So write to​ the​ best of​ your ability and even if​ your topic is​ not new,​ it​ should help to​ boost your traffic quite nicely .​
Give your article sufficient time to​ work,​ for the​ wheels of​ the​ internet turn very slowly at​ times .​
You can get software that checks your link popularity with the​ search engines,​ but don't bother with checking too often,​ once per fortnight will probably be often enough.
Please don't forget to​ proof read your articles,​ or​ better still,​ get someone else to​ do it​ for you .​
The author of​ an​ article is​ often not the​ best person to​ proof read it .​
That's because they know what it​ is​ supposed to​ say and as​ such they can have difficulty in​ picking up any errors .​
Good luck!

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